Is sedation dentistry addictive?

I’m investigating sedation dentistry but I don’t see any info on whether or not it’s something I can get addicted to? I don’t want to take that risk just because I am nervous at the dentist. I would rather take my own meds. Theo

Theo – There are various levels of sedation, and if used only for dental appointments, it is uncommon to become addicted to them. You will be given a level of sedation that matches your level of anxiety.

The medication you receive is mild, commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medication. The medication you receive will make you drowsy and help you relax.  The effects will wear off in several hours. Also, the medication is not taken on an ongoing basis. It is only used when you have a dental appointment that requires it.

If you have a dentist who uses sedation, or if you are choosing one who does, speak with him or her about the types of sedation available in the office, as well as the side effects.

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Can I get free or discounted teeth whitening from more than one dentist at a time?

I have seen a few online coupons from dentist for free teeth whitening if you schedule an exam. I called the offices and some dentists give whitening sessions in the office, but the catch is that the number of sessions they will do are limited.  I have to pay for more sessions.  Others just have whitening strips. I am wondering if I go to two different dentists will they each do the whitening for me so my teeth can get super white? – Journee

Journee – If the whitening session requires an exam or a dental cleaning, a portion of your visit will be submitted to your dental insurance company. You will have to pay out-of-pockets expenses for duplicate dental exams or cleanings, and you may end up paying more money than you would by just sticking with one dentist.

Also, too much teeth bleaching is not good for your teeth. It is possible to over-bleach them. Over-bleached teeth can become weak and have a grayish color. Select one dentist, receive the in-office treatment, and after a couple of weeks the color in your teeth will stabilize. You may need an additional in-office treatment, but a take-home kit for you to continue whitening may be all that is needed.

Weigh your options carefully, but don’t rush to have your teeth whitened by more than one dentist. The results can be less than desirable.

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Lost my dental insurance

I lost dental coverage for myself and my wife. It expired on 6/30. The company offered us COBRA coverage but it 4 times more than the premium for the dental insurance we had. That is ridiculous. I don’t like the way the financial rep at our dentist sounded when she found out that we lost our coverage. How do I find a dentist who will accept us? Ted

Ted – We suggest that you get recommendations from friends or family members who like their dentist. After you get the recommendations, look at the dentists’ websites, or call the office, to find out what forms of payment are accepted. You will find that many offices accept credit or payment plans, or offer financing.

If you can’t get a recommendation from anyone, search online for an affordable dentist or a dentist who accepts patients that don’t have dental insurance. After you find four or five dentists who might be able to meet your needs, look online for patient reviews. You can schedule consultations with two or three of the dentists to help you make a final decision. If you need special care for your teeth, such as orthodontic or cosmetic treatment, be certain that the dentist you choose offers those services and is experienced with them.

This post is sponsored by Plano, TX dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.