Nitrous sedation at the dentist doesn’t work for my daughter

My 9 yr old daughter is at a new dentist that she really likes. We’ve had our 3rd visit to the new dentist. Even though my daughter likes the dentist and her staff, she still get really nervous. This is all coming from the previous family dentist who I thought was nice but later found out intimidates kids if they even look like they don’t want to be there. I describe it as passive aggressive or nice/nasty. Kids can pick up on that behavior quickly and my daughter did. I didn’t know it was a problem because I didn’t usually go back with her to the room for cleanings. I thought she was in good hands and she never complained. I didn’t find out about it until my niece was visiting and talking about her own dental appointment. Then my daughter started talking about her previous dentist. After I found out that our previous dentist was trouble, I quickly switched my daughter and our whole family to a new practice. As I mentioned in the beginning, she is still nervous. Now her nervousness is obvious to me. The new dentist gives her nitrous which really doesn’t seem to calm her much. I am not happy about asking for something stronger, but is there something else that I should ask for? Zuli

Zuli – Yes, there are safe oral sedatives that dentists use for children. You can ask your family dentist if she uses oral sedatives for children who need more help relaxing than what nitrous oxide provides.

You will need to inform your dentist of any medications, over-the-counter medications, and supplements your daughter takes. Find out what medication your dentist uses and do your own research on it. Look for possible reactions with the sedative that may interfere with medication or supplements your daughter takes. If you are uncertain about possible reactions, ask your pharmacist and your daughter’s pediatrician about it.

Oral conscious sedation is a new phase of dentistry for your daughter. You may consider increasing her comfort level with this new phase by accompanying her in the treatment room for at least a few visits.

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Need cheap root canal and filling for rotten tooth

i have a tooth that had a cap on it. the cap was probably 12 yrs old and it cracked last week. the tooth is starting to get really sensitive without the cap. i am really thinking that i need another root canal in the tooth. i don’t have dental insurance so i just want to get it filled this time. i know something needs to be done. other than looking for a dentist on google is there a way to find a dentist who will do a cheap root canal and fill the tooth? thx ethan

Ethan – Most dentists will provide you with a root canal treatment, and make it affordable for you. Select a few dentists, call them, and ask about payment plans or arrangements for patients who don’t have dental insurance.

You should know that if your tooth is so damaged that it needed a dental crown, a dental filling won’t be enough to protect it. A new crown will be required. You will be able to wear a temporary crown while the new one is being made for you.

An examination is required to determine the correct treatment for your tooth. It is possible that you don’t need another root canal treatment, and that a new crown is all that’s needed. While your tooth is unprotected, you can expect to feel sensitivity.

As soon as possible, make the calls to dental offices so your tooth can be treated. Without the crown, the tooth is weak. Prompt treatment can prevent further damage to the tooth. If there is further damage to the tooth, it will be more expensive to restore.

Don’t neglect quality to find the cheapest treatment available. If the restoration of your tooth isn’t done correctly, it will need to be repeated. And that will cost you more money in the long term.


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Switch dentists to get free teeth whitening for life?

I can get whitening trays and bleaching gel from my dentist for a little more than $300. This is something I have been trying to negotiate with or make payment plans on but the office doesn’t permit it anymore because they’ve been burned by too many people when they did offer payment plans or discounts.

After searching online I see several dentists in my town who offer free teeth whitening for life. Now that sounds like a good deal to me. I am wondering though, what’s the catch? Some of the dentists even mention that they will give you custom trays too. This has me considering switching dentists so I don’t have to spend $300 on something that could be free. Is it worth the switch? Carlene

Carlene – Before you switch dentists, think about the reasons that you like your dentist, the office, the staff, and whether or not you can get those same things from another dental office. Consider where the office is located. Is convenience going to be an issue? Make a list of the pros and cons of making a switch.

If you still want to explore your options, choose two or three dentists who offer free teeth whitening. Find out what the whitening kit  includes. Is it just the bleaching gel, or are custom trays included? If the bleaching trays are lost or damaged, is there a fee to replace them? What kind of bleaching gel will you receive, and how effective is it? How long are you required to be a patient before you receive this benefit?

If you are still interested in free whitening from a particular dentist, schedule a consultation to see the office, and meet the dentist and his or her staff. Some dentists who offer this complimentary service have exclusions. For instance, in some cases, Medicare or Medicaid patients are not eligible for the free service.

Get the information you need to make an informed decision before you switch.

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