Need an affordable dentist that does great work

I love my dentist. He is great for cleanings, fillings, etc., but I don’t trust him to do my cosmetic dentistry work. I asked him about training in cosmetic dentistry, but he really doesn’t have much. He referred me to a colleague in a nearby town, but this dentist is way on the upper end for cost. I need too much work done to pay that much. I don’t know any cosmetic dentists. I know I can do an internet search to find one, but do you have any suggestions on how I find an affordable dentist that really does great work? – Maya

Maya – If you know friends who have had cosmetic dentistry, you can ask for recommendations for a dentist who does high-quality work. You may also consider asking neighbors, workmates, or other contacts if they have recommendations.

During your Internet searches, find out what training the dentist received in cosmetic dentistry, where it was received, and what credentials he or she has. Also consider how much experience the dentist has in cosmetic dentistry and whether or not he or she stays current through continuing education. Check for a smile gallery of before-and-after pictures on the dentist’s website. These considerations will help determine if the dentist produces high-quality results.

For your concerns about finding an affordable dentist, the website should indicate whether the dentist accepts insurance, or offers payment plans or financing.  He or she may offer to do the work in phases to make it more affordable for you. You can call the dentist’s office for specific information.

Keep in mind that high-quality costs more. It’s true of most goods and services, and that’s often because it costs more for the provider of the services or goods to purchase or provide high-quality services or products. So even though the services you receive can be make affordable for you, expect to pay a little more than average if you want outstanding cosmetic dentistry.

After you have a few dentists you would like to consider, schedule consultation appointments, to help make your final decision.

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Can I find a female cosmetic dentist to lengthen my too short teeth?

My teeth are too short and look like a child’s teeth. This is very embarrassing to me. Even people that I’ve known for a long time look at my teeth when they are talking to me. I think it is affecting the way people treat me and it’s making it hard for me to find dates. I think women take a man less seriously if his teeth are smaller than normal for an adult. So that’s why I want a female cosmetic dentist. I want a woman’s opinion on how my smile looks to women. Maybe I am just self conscious about this. I am 39 yrs old and I want a new image. What can a cosmetic dentist do to change the length of my teeth? – Stephan

Stephan– A cosmetic dentist can change the length of your teeth.  The way it’s accomplished depends on what is causing your teeth to look small. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a nearby female cosmetic dentist either.

When patients have excessive gum tissue, a gum lift, also referred to as gum contouring or a gingivectomy can be performed. Excessive gum tissue can be removed to lengthen your teeth.

If excessive gum tissue is not the problem, porcelain veneers can be used to cover the front of your teeth and give them a longer appearance. Porcelain veneers beautifully design a smile. Porcelain is manipulated to match the color, characteristics, and translucence of natural teeth. People will think the veneers are your natural teeth.

In either case, be certain to select an experienced cosmetic dentist, so that you will get natural-looking results. We suggest that you schedule appointments for a consultation with two or three cosmetic dentists in your area to discuss your options. Ask to see actual patient photos of cases similar to yours or cases of the treatment that is being recommended to lengthen your teeth.

Take notes during each consultation. Notes will help you compare options, costs, and dentists. It will help you make a decision about which provider you want for your smile makeover.

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Any problems with taking Xanax before a dental appointment?

I’m sure that my question about taking Xanax before a dental appointment pretty much tells you how much I hate dental appointments. I already have a prescription that I use as needed. So I am thinking that taking the medication before my appointment is probably a good way for me to chill and get the work done. Two of my crowns need to be replaced and although I don’t anticipate having a whole lot of pain I am still nervous. Is there any problem with taking a Xanax before my appointment? I haven’t found a new dentist. My last dentist was a woman so I am again looking for a female dentist who also does sedation. Interestingly I have found that two of my previous male dentists were not sympathetic to my anxiety. Maybe it’s because I am a guy. Who knows.  If Plano wasn’t so far I would try your dentist. I don’t think it will be too hard to find one, though. I am rattling on. Thanks for answering my question about Xanax. – Gene

Gene – Before any patient is given sedation dentistry, his or her dentist will carefully review prescription and medical history. Be sure to let your dentist know that you already have a prescription for anti-anxiety medication and let him or know the type of medication. Since your medication that works well for you, it won’t hurt to take it in advance of your dental appointment.

Dental anxiety is common among millions of Americans. It’s good that you are willing to make an adjustment so that your anxiety won’t prevent you from maintaining good oral health.

Many dentists focus on catering to anxious patients. The dentist and staff ensure that you have a good dental experience. Remember that you will need to arrange for transportation to and from your dental appointment.


This post is sponsored by Plano, TX dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy. Dr. Lacy is a female dentist who provides sedation dentistry to help patients relax.