Looking for an affordable dentist for good dentures

I just got new dentures three years ago. The upper dentures fit great but the lower dentures are very loose and regularly come off. I can’t even eat soft foods like applesauce and yogurt without them lifting up. The dentist tried 4 or 5 times to reline them but it is just not working. I know that I am going to need new dentures. I am not going to get them from this dentist. I have to find a dentist who knows people have a budget and get some good dentures from that person. I am wondering how to go about this. Do I just have to do a random search? – Tamar

Tamar – It is not normal for new lower dentures to regularly come off. If they do come off regularly, either they were not properly fit initially, or previous to receiving dentures, you may have experienced jawbone shrinkage, which would make it difficult to keep a denture in.

If your dentures have been repeatedly relined in the past, you are correct that you probably need new dentures. If you have experienced jawbone shrinkage, bone grafting can build your bone back up so that it can support a denture. Affordable dental implants can be used to stabilize your dentures and prevent further jawbone shrinkage. When your dentures are secured with dental implants, it will be easier to eat and speak with them.

Ask family members or friends for recommendations on a dentist who does high-quality work. Don’t sacrifice quality to find the lowest costs on dentures. Take the time to find a cosmetic dentist to provide you with dentures that fit well and look natural. Ask about payment plans or financing that will help you pay for dentures according to your budget.

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I have PTS and need my service dog at dental appointments

Hi. I am a Vet with PTS and there are certain situations that make my anxiety worse. Before the incident that caused the PTS I was nervous about dentists appointments but now it’s over the top. I agreed to sedation but under the condition that my service dog is present with me for dental procedures. My dog isn’t just a service dog. If in any way I am being harmed she will come to my defense. It is just the state of my being drowsy and out of full control that makes me uneasy. I’ve had the dog at the office before but when I told my hygienist that I needed to bring the dog for any dental procedure beyond my cleaning it was clear to me that she doesn’t like dogs. I could tell by the way the conversation went. I know its not up to her but I can’t take any flack about this. I just can’t. Do you have any suggestions about how to deal with this? I am thinking about switching to a woman dentist for a little more compassion by the dentist and staff. Jamison


Your anxiety and the history of it make it understandable that dental appointments are a challenge for you. Sedation dentistry is the right choice. Your oral health is important, so whatever is needed for you to achieve it should be respected.

Dental offices have different policies about animals in the office, but they should be understanding and respectful of your service dog. Speak with your dentist in person to explain the cause of your anxiety and why it’s so important to be accompanied by your service dog.

Sedation dentists understand anxiety. They are empathetic to patients who are anxious, and they are interested in knowing the source of your anxiety. Your candid conversation will help your dentist and the staff members properly care for your needs.

If for some reason your wishes are not respected, contact several other sedation dentists’ offices and request a consultation with each dentist. You will find the right dentist who will make the effort to ensure your dental visit is comfortable and productive.

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Are lemon juice and baking soda a safe way to whiten my teeth for free?

I have been looking for ways to whiten my teeth for free or cheap. I guess nothing is free but I found some DIY ways to get it done. I know that baking soda can whiten teeth but I found a few sites that said that fresh lemon juice can make the baking soda more effective. I have been trying it for a couple of weeks but my teeth only look a little whiter. It is very slight. I told a friend about what I was doing and she asked me if the acid from the lemons will eventually mess up my teeth. I just did some more research and I think she might be right, but the information conflicts what was recommended in the first place. Is adding the fresh lemon juice to the baking soda harmful? Agapi

Agapi – Acid erodes tooth enamel. Citrus fruits, including lemons, are acidic. Lemons are highly acidic, and if regularly applied to your teeth, will cause damage your tooth enamel and cause decay. Your teeth won’t have the whiteness and gloss that you want.

Citric acid is often contained in cleaning products, which gives you an idea of how powerful it is. It’s also in soda, which can erode your tooth enamel with contact and create excess stomach acid. Excess stomach acid can create acid reflux, which can further damage your teeth.

It is recommended that you thoroughly rinse your mouth after you eat or drink acidic foods, and drink plenty of water. And definitely stay away from the lemon juice on your teeth. Avoid brushing your teeth right after consuming acidic foods or drinks.

It’s good that you listened to your friend and did extra research on the effects of lemon juice on your teeth. Talk with your dentist about how to affordably and safely get your teeth whitened. Some dentists offer free whitening if you stay current with dental cleanings. It’s the best way to keep your teeth enamel and get a bright smile.

This post is sponsored by Plano, TX dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.