How long should I wait to get crowns after free teeth whitening?

My dentist charges $400 for teeth whitening and I can’t afford that. There is a new dentist in my area who took over a practice and she is offering free teeth whitening with an exam. So I am going to get my next exam from her and get the teeth whitening. I figure I will stick with her through that and then return to my current dentist for my dental crowns. I can’t ask this question of my current dentist because she doesn’t know that I am taking a break from her to get my teeth whitened from someone else. I don’t want to ask the new dentist either because she will think I am taking advantage of her, which in a way I guess is true. My question is: How long should I wait to get crowns after free teeth whitening?

It is good that you realize that your teeth whitening treatment should be completed before crowns are placed. Otherwise, your dental crowns would be darker than your teeth. After your teeth have reached their desired whiteness and your whitening sessions are complete, there will be a two to three-week wait to allow the color of your teeth to stabilize.

After the waiting period, if your teeth are as white as you want them, then you can see your dentist for dental crowns. When you return, of course your dentist will know that you’ve had your teeth whitened. Porcelain crowns will be crafted to match the color of your whitened natural teeth.

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Can I take Benadryl to make me sleepy before I go to the dentist?

For the average person getting cavities filled might not be a problem, but it’s a problem for me. I need something to sedate me or relax me before my dentist’s appointment. I have never had cavities before, and I hate going to even the nicest, most gentle dentist. Now I have 2 cavities that need to be filled. I am going with composite and I know that takes longer than silver fillings. My question is can I take maybe a Benadryl or something for the fillings even though it’s a simple and quick procedure? Will Benadryl affect anything the dentist will do or put in my mouth? I got a suggestion to drink alcohol before the appointment but that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. What is something safe for me to take before the dental appointment? Manuel

Manuel – Yes, you can be sedated for the simplest of dental procedures. But you shouldn’t try to sedate yourself with Benadryl, alcohol, or by any other means. If you are anxious or nervous, a sedation dentist prefers that you be relaxed before your appointment. If you can’t relax, the dental treatment and your visit won’t be productive. But leave the sedation to your dentist.

A sedation dentist uses nitrous oxide (also referred to as laughing gas), conscious oral sedation (mild, anti-anxiety medication), or IV sedation to help you relax during a dental procedure. The levels of sedation offered varies with the dentist and his or her training. All are common, safe means of helping patients relax.

Many patients cancel dental appointments because of their anxiety. Some patients actually refer to themselves as dental cowards or dental phobic. Speak with your dentist about your concerns and your desire for sedation. If he or she doesn’t offer a level of sedation adequate for your needs, you can consider finding a dentist who does.

Your comfort level with a dentist can contribute to or decrease some of your anxiety. If you need to find a dentist who practices sedation, we suggest that you schedule a consultation first to ensure you are comfortable with the office environment, staff members, and dentist.

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How do I find an affordable dentist to replace my dentures?

I just got new dentures 3 months ago. I thought I was done, but now I need to find an affordable dentist to replace my dentures. The upper dentures fit great but the lower dentures are very loose and regularly come off. Is this normal? I can’t even eat soft foods like applesauce and yogurt without dislodging them. The place I got the dentures from is one of those mega denture centers. I was treated quite rudely on all of my 4 attempts to get them to do something about these loose dentures. I refuse to be insulted when I have paid for a product and service. A close friend of mine is a consumer protection attorney and I am thinking about getting her help to get my money back. Meanwhile I still have to get dentures that fit. My budget doesn’t allow me to pay out of pocket right away, so I need to find an understanding dentist who is going to work with me on this issue. I feel awful about this, but I feel that I don’t have a lot of options. How do I begin to find an affordable dentist who will work with me on paying for new dentures? Thanks. Jeanne

Jeanne – We are sorry to hear about the difficulty you have experienced with your transition to dentures. Be assured that you can find an affordable dentist to help you.

It is not normal for new lower dentures to regularly come off. If they do come off regularly, either they were not properly fit initially, or previous to receiving dentures, you may have experienced jawbone shrinkage, which would make it difficult to keep a denture in.

You should speak with your new dentist about the problem. It is possible that your dentures need to be relined or even remade. You can contact a few cosmetic dentists in your area and ask about financial arrangements for financing or payment plans. Schedule a consultation with at least two of the dentists. Cosmetic dentists provide natural-looking dentures that fit well.

If you have experienced jawbone shrinkage, bone grafting can build your bone back up so that it can support a denture. Affordable dental implants can be used to stabilize your dentures and prevent further jawbone shrinkage. When your dentures are secured with dental implants, it will be easier to eat and speak with them.

If won’t be difficult to find an affordable dentist who will understand your circumstances and help you get the dental care you need.

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