I’m too anxious even for a sedation dentist

I’ve spent the last 3 years with so many medical issues that I can’t manage to even see a sedation dentist about the problems that I have with my teeth due to my illnesses and medication. The countless hospital stays and doctors’ appointments have tapped out my emotions. Thankfully I am much better physically but I’m just exhausted from seeing healthcare providers. I know that my teeth need extensive work and I will have to see a dentist, but I’m just afraid. I understand that sedation dentistry is my best option, but I’m anxious about going to the dentist. I just want to get my anxiety under control before I take that step. There isn’t a lot of time for me to do this because my teeth are in poor shape and it is starting to affect my confidence. What can I do to get over this hump? Ava


Sedation dentists don’t just give you medication so you can get through your dental appointment. They thoroughly understand dental anxiety, and they are compassionate about it. Part of their training involves seeking to understand why a patient is anxious, and that comes through communication with you.

Your experience with a sedation dentist will evolve from conversation, to education and understanding, to dental treatment. A sedation dentist makes the effort to provide a calming office environment, to hire patient staff members, and to ensure your comfort throughout the dental visit.

We suggest that you schedule appointments to speak with at least two sedation dentists—not for dental treatment—but to get to know the dentist and how he or she can help you address your anxiety. Medication is part of the solution, but so is your relationship with the dentist. When you call to schedule the appointment, explain your concerns and that your request is only for a consultation—no exam or x-rays.

You can get to know the dentist and experience the office environment before you commit to dental treatment.

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Free teeth whitening made my teeth way too white

I got free teeth whitening from my sister and now my teeth are too white. I got custom trays from eBay and used the bleaching gel. I did it for 2 months straight because my teeth were so dingy. I didn’t notice how white my teeth were getting and now when I look in the mirror my smile looks ridiculous. Now I want to darken my teeth. I’m wondering if there is something I can buy to darken them up. I’m embarrassed to go to my dentist any time soon because she will notice right away that I did something with my teeth. What are my options for making them darker? Thanks. Jilian

Jilian – It sounds like the free teeth whitening you received from your sister was professional-strength bleaching gel that really worked well.

There are a few things everyone should consider before teeth whitening:

  • If you want whiter teeth with at-home treatment, a dentist will recommend that you bleach them two weeks at a time.
  • After you finish each whitening session, the bleaching gel continues to break down stains in your teeth.
  • After each session you will be instructed to wait at least a week in between for your tooth color to stabilize. If your teeth aren’t bright enough at that point, whitening sessions can continue.

Based on your results, you probably whitened your teeth without waiting for the color to stabilize. That’s likely the reason that you didn’t notice how white your teeth were getting.

What can you do about it now? Give it time. Your teeth will pick up stains and their brightness will be a little less noticeable. Bleaching gel lightens the natural pigmentation of your teeth. So you’ll still have a super bright smile, but in time, it won’t be so stark white. Don’t do touch-up whitening treatments until you’re absolutely sure you need it.

In the future, keep in mind that it’s not safe to whiten your teeth for two months straight without the supervision of a dentist. It’s possible to over-bleach your teeth and damage your tooth enamel or cause your teeth to become discolored.

It’s best for whitening to be supervised by a dentist who can monitor the progress.

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Will Save a Tooth work until we can get to an affordable dentist?

My 20 yr old son has a loose permanent tooth from a sports accident. I need to save it until we can get to an affordable dentist. He was on our dental insurance but my husband just took an early retirement package because he is getting laid off and we are shopping for dental insurance. I’m expecting the tooth to go any day but it has hung on longer than I thought. We’re trying to be proactive and look for products that can keep the tooth in good condition if it comes out completely. Our dental insurance should be effective the first of next month and then I can schedule an appointment. I found several products online including Save a Tooth. The description looks like this might do the job for a few days if I keep changing out the solution. I’m pretty good with playing nurse around the house and I think it might work. Does this product work if my son loses the tooth completely, and will it help until we can find an affordable dentist? – Kasydee

Kasydee – If the Save-a-Tooth product description indicates that it will keep a tooth alive after it’s been knocked out. It consists of a salt solution that is gentle on tooth ligament and will help keep it alive. The ligament must bekept in good condition to reattach the tooth to the jawbone.

Photo of Save-a-Tooth for knocked out teeth, from affordable Plano TX dentist Miranda Lacy.When a tooth is knocked out, the roots shouldn’t be touched. The tooth must be kept moist. It’s important to get dental help the same day. Waiting a few days puts your son at risk for completely using the tooth. The Save-a-Tooth solution and tooth container are designed to preserve and protect the tooth for a limited period—probably two or three hours. Ideally, your son would need to have the kit handy at all times.

If your son loses his tooth days before your dental coverage takes effect, find an emergency dentist right away. If you don’t, the cost of replacing the tooth later will be more expensive than getting prompt treatment.

Even better—get dental help now. If the tooth is loose, it’s possible to secure it with a stint until the roots heal. You will be able to find an affordable dentist who will work with your budget and arrange a payment plan or financing.


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