Affordable dentist gave me bad implants

I’ve been looking for an affordable dentist but didn’t just want to pick a dentist without knowing anything about him/her.  So I scheduled consultations with 5 different dentists. The issue is replacing 2 teeth. I received recommendations for a partial denture, a bridge, and dental implants. I thought it interesting that the dentist who offered dental implants quoted a price that was the same price as a dental bridge from another dentist. I couldn’t figure out of the implants were no good or if the dental bridge was over-priced. After researching online I found that the affordable dentist who offered implants has been in practice 11 years. That made me feel comfortable. I accepted a payment plan for 2 implants and I regret the day I did. One implant fell out and the other is loose. This issue with the implants happened in May. It’s over a month later and my dentist is still trying to figure out if I need bone grafting. This is starting to scare me. So know I don’t know if I should just try to get a bridge and forget the whole thing or start all over and get consultations with 5 new dentists. The other issue is that I still need an affordable dentist. So please don’t advise me to go to a top dentist with a fancy office because I can’t afford that. Thank you. Shawna

Shawna – Although the affordable dentist you chose has been practicing dentistry for 11 years, it doesn’t mean that he has been placing dental implants for 11 years. And given the results of your implants, his training and credentials are questionable.

It’s rare for dental implants to fall out. It’s not clear if your dentist thinks you needed bone grafting before the implants were placed, or if he thinks you now need grafting to support a new implant. Osseointegration, the process of the jawbone fusing to the implant takes about six to nine months, so be patient with having your implants replaced.

Despite a dentist’s careful planning and placement of an implant, a patient’s body can still reject it. It’s impossible to predict how your body will react to the implants.

Without an examination and diagnostic studies, we can’t say if and how your dentist was at fault. If you feel comfortable returning to one of the four dentists with whom you had consultations, you should do so. Otherwise find an experienced implant dentist to examine the implants, discuss your options, and help resolve this issue.  You should be able to find a skilled, affordable dentist to help.


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Will osteoporosis prevent me from getting sedation dentistry?

I have osteoporosis and I think sedation dentistry might help me get some issues with my teeth taken care of. I’m just concerned that sedation might make my condition worse. I have difficulty sitting for extended periods, so if sedation is going to keep me in the dental chair longer than I should be, that’s a concern too. The thought of falling from being drowsy also scares me. Do patients with osteoporosis get sedation dentistry? Is there anything I need to consider before I ask for it? Valeriya

Valeriya – As you know, osteoporosis decreases bone density and makes bones very fragile. It can affect your oral health.

Osteoporosis Affects Oral Health

The disease can affect any bone in your body, including your jawbone. It creates oral health risks including:

  • Decreased jawbone density and affecting the stability of your teeth.
  • Triggering periodontal (gum) disease
  • Increased risk of needing dentures

Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Your oral health needs more attention than usual. Sedation dentistry can help you get the dental care you need. Before you receive sedation, your dentist will determine if you’re a candidate for it.

Your medical and prescription history will be thoroughly reviewed. Your dentist may want to collaborate with your medical doctors to take necessary precautions and to determine which form of anti-anxiety medication is best for your needs. Most patients are candidates for sedation dentistry even if they have other medical conditions.

Speak with your dentist about your concerns with sitting in the chair too long. He or she will schedule multiple visits, if necessary, to ensure your comfort.

What can you expect after receiving sedation dentistry? It’s important to closely follow after care instructions to prevent injury.

  • You will still be drowsy.
  • The dental office should have a wheel chair ready to take you to the car. You won’t have to worry about falling and breaking fragile bones.
  • You will have arranged for transportation home, and that person or another responsible adult should stay with you for the rest of the day.
  • Rest in bed or on the sofa, and limit your activity around the house. Someone should assist you with necessary tasks to prevent you from falling.

Your dentist will work with your and your doctors to limit the effects of osteoporosis on your oral health. With proper screening and planning, sedation dentistry can help.

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Free teeth whitening kit discolored my dental bonding

I won a free teeth whitening kit. I thought it was a good prize for answering some survey questions because I’ve had whitening in the past, and it was pretty expensive.  I followed the directions and used the whitening for 2 weeks. I have bonding on 3 teeth and the whitening discolored the bonding. So now you can tell that there is bonding on those teeth. I’m wondering if it was the brand of whitening that caused this problem. Can a dentist lighten the bonding or will it have to be redone now? Thanks. Emily

Emily – Free teeth whitening is safe when it’s offered by your dentist. Supervision from your dentist allows him or her to do the following:

  • Examine your natural teeth and any restorative work on them to determine if bleaching gel will help or harm your teeth
  • Monitor the progress of teeth whitening treatment
  • Make adjustments in the strength of the bleaching gel, or in the treatment time needed

Why Teeth Whitening Won’t Brighten Bonding

Although bleaching your teeth can have dramatic results, it won’t whiten your bonding. Here’s why:

  • Unlike natural teeth, dental bonding is nonporous.
  • Bleaching gel is designed to penetrate pores, but that’s not possible with bonding.
  • As your natural teeth get whiter, your dental bonding won’t change. Whiter teeth make bonding look as if it’s getting darker.

As bonding ages, it attracts stains. A cosmetic dentist can replace the bonding with a color and translucence that matches your natural teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist will:

  • Choose dental composite that matches your whitened teeth
  • Use dental tools to roughen the old bonding
  • Apply and shape the new composite
  • Cure the composite with a special light
  • Further shape and polish the bonding

It’s best to wait until you’ve finished your whitening treatment before having your dental bonding replaced. It ensures the bonding will match your whitened teeth. But rather than use free teeth whitening with questionable ingredients, only use whitening gel you receive from your dentist or that is approved by your dentist. If the free bleaching gel damages your teeth, the cost of restoring them will be greater than the cost of getting whitening treatments from your dentist.

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