Need an affordable dentist to change the color of my denture teeth

I’ve been looking for an affordable dentist within 100 miles of my house to change the color of my denture teeth. I’ve been searching online but can’t find any websites that show a dentist who is doing this kind of work. I got my dentures from a denture center. They advertise for affordable dentures, but the nickeled and dimed me out of $900. After all of my appointments and their “pampering” I went in to get the dentures. They are the wrong color. It’s a weird color that almost looks like the teeth have a pink tone. I think I was in the dental office 2 hours talking about the color of the denture teeth. In the end they told me I signed off and approved everything so there wasn’t much that could be done. They could give me new denture teeth but I would have to pay for the new teeth. I don’t want new denture teeth. I just want the color changed. After spending $900 I don’t have much money to left to spend on new dentures or even to change the color of the teeth. That’s why I’m looking for an affordable dentist. How can I find one? – Ashton

Ashton – We’re sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with dentures. It’s understandable that you need the assistance of an affordable dentist. Unfortunately your denture teeth are colorfast, so the color cannot be changed in any way. So, what can you do now?

Options for Affordable Dentistry

  • The good news is that you can find a cosmetic dentist to provide you with quality dentures. He or she likely offers ways to make dental care affordable for you. Dentists frequently offer financing or payment plans to help you spread out the cost of care over time.
  • Although this is a huge disappointment, your smile can affect your confidence and your sense of well-being and happiness. Take some time to consider if you can accept the color of your current dentures, or if and when you want to receive new dentures.
  • Make an informed decision by visiting two or three experienced cosmetic dentists to discuss your options, the cost, and how they can provide you with affordable dental care.

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After a sedation dentistry appointment, can I stay at the office until I can drive home?

I finally decided to see a sedation dentist for 4 crowns that I need badly. I need 2 fillings also and am anticipating being in the office for a while. I am wondering if sedation dentists have provisions for patients to stay in the office until the medication wears off. If it can wear off in the office, I prefer to drive myself home. How long does it take for the medication to wear off? Jamison

Jamison – You first need to have a consultation with a sedation dentist to determine which level of sedation you will receive. If you receive oral conscious sedation, you will likely be drowsy for the rest of the day. You will still need a ride home.

What to Expect with Sedation Dentistry

Below is some helpful information on what’s involved in receiving sedation dentistry

  • Your first appointment is a consultation for diagnosis of the issues with your teeth, along with treatment options.
  • Your medical, prescription, and dental history will be reviewed to determine if you are a candidate for sedation and which medication should be used.
  • For the day of your appointment, the sedation dentist will advise you to have an adult drive you to the office, take you home, and stay with you for the rest of the day. This is a precaution for you, because if you’re at home and you need anything, your drowsiness can contribute to an accident.
  • After your procedure plan to stay at home, preferably in bed or on a sofa.

Sedation allows dentists to complete as much work as possible. But if any of your teeth require extensive work, you’ll probably have to return to the office until treatment is complete.

After your consultation, your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan. Your sedation dentist will let you know if all of your dental work can be completed in one day, or if multiple appointments are required. Dental crowns usually require at least two appointments. Crowns are usually made in a lab, so you would return to the office to have them bonded to the natural teeth that the crowns are preserving.

Depending on your comfort level with the dentist, after your first treatment appointment, you might prefer to only receive local anesthetic and to waive medication that will make you drowsy. In that case, you would be able to drive home.

We suggest that you find a sedation dentist who is also a cosmetic dentist. A trained cosmetic dentist will produce natural-looking results that help you smile with confidence.

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Why Isn’t My Free Teeth Whitening Kit Working?

I’m feeling really burned by a free tooth whitening offer I found online. The deal was that if I only paid shipping, this company would send me a free trial of their whitening pen. I figured they were able to give the free teeth whitening kits out because people would order the full-sized version when it worked, so I paid almost $20 for shipping. I followed the instructions, but nothing is happening. I e-mailed the company a week ago, but they aren’t responding back, and now I’m pretty sure I got scammed. I guess it’s not so much the money, but the fact that I trusted them. Is there something more I should be doing with the kit that might improve its effectiveness? Do I have any recourse with the company? Thanks, Marcus


It’s tough to say if you should be doing something different  with your free teeth-whitening kit, because you haven’t provided the name of the company or the product, nor have you said how you’re using it. Generally speaking, anything you can get over-the-counter is weak. Sometimes, it’s totally ineffective. If you aren’t getting it from a trusted supplier, you can’t tell if it is safe and effective.

Depending on where the company is based, you may have no real recourse. If it’s not in the United States, your money is probably gone. You can try to dispute the charge with your credit card company, but this company may still get away with it because you only paid for the shipping. The product was free, and the shipping wasn’t the problem, so they may have found a way against scam controls. The only way to find out if you can have the charge erased is to call your credit card company and ask to file a complaint.

How to Get Legit Free Tooth Whitening

Go Local: Only get free teeth-whitening products from a local and trusted source. You can follow up easily if there’s a problem.

Choose a Professional: Over-the-counter products tend to be weak. You have to use them a lot to see any difference. If you want rapid results, you need professional-strength products, only available through medical and dental professionals.

Talk to Your Dentist: Many dentists offer a free teeth-whitening program to new patients. Ask if your dentist’s office does something similar. While it’s designed to attract new patients, the office may consider giving you the package anyway, just to keep you happy. If that isn’t an option, they may have a low-cost solution that will give you the results you need in a safe and effective way.

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