Dentist Wants to Replace Bonding with Crowns? 3 Reasons to Run

About 7 years ago my dentist put bonding on my six center upper teeth to cover stains. The bonding chipped on several teeth. I live in TX now and my new dentist said that my teeth are stained on the inside. She recommended internal teeth bleaching or porcelain crowns. I was expecting more dental bonding but not crowns on six teeth. My anxiety is going off the charts with the thought of needing crowns. I need nitrous oxide to get dental bonding. Is there any way I can avoid crowns even if I have to switch dentists?   Thanks – Leanne


We’re glad that you mentioned switching dentists. It’s our suggestion that you find an experienced cosmetic dentist and ask for a second opinion.

Your description is stains on your teeth that were concealed with dental bonding. If you don’t have root canal treatments on your teeth, we are unsure of why our dentist would recommend internal bleaching or crowns.

Each tooth needs to be ground down for a crown to fit over it. A trained cosmetic dentist treats teeth conservatively with a focus on saving healthy tooth structure. It sounds as if your dentist doesn’t know much about cosmetic dentistry.

Three Alternatives to Dental Crowns

A skilled cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth, take some digital x-rays to ensure they are internally healthy, and recommend treatment. You can make a quick getaway from your current dentist because there are alternatives to grinding down your teeth to place crowns. Treatment recommendations might include one or more of the following:

  • Teeth bleaching – Before any cosmetic work is completed on your teeth, if you want to brighten your smile, bleaching will be completed first. The dentist will match the cosmetic bonding or other treatment to match your whitened natural teeth.
  • Dental bonding – A cosmetic dentist can skillfully remove the old dental bonding and replace it.
  • Porcelain veneers – If there is damage to teeth that bonding won’t conceal, your cosmetic dentist might recommend porcelain veneers for one or more teeth.
Photo of female patient sitting and relaxing in a dental chair, for information on sedation dentistry from Plano female dentist, Dr. Miranda Lacy.
Ask your new cosmetic dentist about sedation options

Schedule consultations with at least two cosmetic dentists in your area. Don’t mention your current dentist’s recommendation. Just let the dentists examine your teeth and offer treatment recommendations. During your consultation, you can ask the dentist about his or her options for sedation and helping you relax throughout treatment.

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How to Whiten a Single Tooth and Get a PERFECT Color Match

I love my smile and my teeth are as white as I want them except one that’s turning brown. In elementary school, I collided with a student, and his head hit my mouth. Although I’ve had a hairline fracture in the tooth and it sits back farther than the one on either side, now the tooth is getting dark. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s not sensitive. Is there a safe way to whiten it without it turning dark? Is it possible to get whitening for one tooth or will bonding work? If whitening will work, I’ll try it myself. Thanks. Chanele from Fort Wayne, IN


If your tooth is not painful or infected, you won’t need root canal treatment. A tooth that has light trauma can develop thicker dentin (layer beneath the enamel) and darken.

Is Teeth Whitening an Option for a Single Tooth?

Photo of upper and lower teeth whitening trays in a blue case; for information on teeth alignment from the office Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.
Don’t try to whiten a single dark tooth at home

Manipulating the color of a single tooth is a challenge for about 98% of dentists. But don’t ask a dentist to color match a single tooth with a bleaching agent. Sometimes bleaching gel makes discoloration in teeth even more noticeable. And it can be tricky to determine how long to leave the gel on a tooth to achieve the right color—especially after a few days when the color stabilizes. Don’t try to whiten your tooth at home.

Lighten a Single Tooth with Dental Bonding or a Veneer

An artistic cosmetic dentist will use dental bonding to achieve a perfect color match. A single, lab-made porcelain veneer will produce natural-looking results, but it’s more invasive than dental bonding.

An advanced cosmetic dentist will blend dental bonding to match the shade, translucency, and gloss of your natural teeth. The same can be achieved with a porcelain veneer and ceramic who will manipulate the color to match your surrounding teeth.

Consult with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your options and the cost of dental bonding vs. a single porcelain veneer.

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