My Snap-On Denture Teeth Are Too Big


We understand your disappointment with trying to stabilize your denture and getting results that detract from your smile. Your dentist is responsible for correcting the issue or giving you a refund. You can start with a list of what you do and do not like about your snap-on denture and approach your dentist another time with your request. Some patients succeed by reporting the issue to the state dental board or consulting with an attorney.

Why Causes Denture Teeth to Be Too Large?

Your denture teeth can be too large if your dentist does not take impressions correctly or makes mistakes with the try-in of a wax model of your denture. During the try-in, your dentist should check how the denture affects these aspects:

  • Your facial appearance
  • The fullness of your lips
  • Your bite
  • Your speech

Will You Need a New Denture to Replace the Teeth?

Whether you need a new denture to replace the teeth that are too large depends on the condition and quality of your denture. If your dentist’s cost is 40% less than other dentists, he may have sacrificed quality for the price. A skilled cosmetic dentist may be able to drill out the denture teeth of a quality denture and make the corrections. Otherwise, you may need a new denture. Either way, your denture will look and feel better, and you will feel more confident about your appearance and smile.

Even if you decide to keep your current dentist and give him another chance, consider getting a second opinion from an advanced cosmetic dentist. You can take the second opinion dentist’s documentation to your dentist to support your concerns and the corrections needed. Speak with the advanced cosmetic dentist about how to make treatment affordable if you need a new snap-on denture.

Best wishes for your dentist’s cooperation and a reasonable resolution.

Plano, Texas, dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy sponsors this post.