I Wanted BL4 Shade Crowns, But My Dentist Declined

My eight upper front teeth have old crowns that I got in 2004. I am happy that the crowns lasted so long, but they need an update. My previous dentist retired six years ago. My current dentist recommended a B1 shade, although I wanted lighter crowns. She made my temporary crowns in the B1 shade anyway because she thought I would like them when I saw them. The crowns do not look any whiter than my old ones.

My dentist said a brighter shade would make the post in my left front tooth show through. She also says that she will not be able to get my lower teeth as light as B1 crowns when she does teeth whitening. Would BL4 work without showing the post? My dentist wants me to decide, and I feel pressured. Thank you. Anastasia from IL


Thank you for contacting Dr. Lacy’s office. We are concerned about your dentist’s approach to cosmetic dentistry and your preferences.

Are BL4 Crowns Too White for a Tooth with a Post?

Although your dentist says BL4 crowns are too white for a tooth with a post, she is confusing crown color with translucence. Making a crown whiter does not increase translucency. If the tooth post does not show through with B1, it will not show through with BL4 or super white crowns.

Why Is Your Dentist Insisting on Her Preferences?

When you get a smile makeover, an artistic cosmetic dentist will ask about your preferences for tooth shape, color, size, and other characteristics. If your dentist continues to insist on her preference, ask how much experience she has with crowns in bleached shades. Ask to see pictures of her patients who had a complete smile makeover with crowns in whiter shades.

After you see pictures of her work, if you feel confident that she can complete the dental crowns you describe, tell her the color you want, and ask if she agrees. When your crowns are ready, ask your dentist to use a try-in paste to ensure you are happy with the results. Only allow your dentist to cement or bond the crowns if you are happy and have no reservations about the results.

Getting a Second Opinion

If your dentist cannot meet your requests, we recommend scheduling consultations with at least two cosmetic dentists. Experienced cosmetic dentists will readily explain how they achieve the crown shade you want with natural-looking translucence. They will also explain why they would complete teeth whitening before ordering dental crowns from the lab.

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