What’s the Best Teeth Whitening for Home Use?

What’s the best teeth whitening for home use? I prefer to do it myself and avoid the dental office and the cost of whitening. Several people I know got whitening at the dental office, and others did it at home. The dental office whitening doesn’t look much better to me. Rather than trying different brands, what’s the best teeth whitening or the best brands I can use? Thanks. Shelby from MN

Shelby – Although many people use whitening strips or peroxide, the results will be limited.

What’s the Best Teeth Whitening for Home Use?

The best teeth whitening for home use is professional strength gel from a dentist and custom teeth whitening trays. High-strength whitening works fast. Most people can notice the difference the next day if they follow their dentist’s instructions. If you prefer over-the-counter whitening, look for brands with carbamide peroxide, which is in the gel dentists use.

Why Does Teeth Whitening from a Dentist Work Best?

The whitening from the dentist works better because the custom-made bleaching trays fit your teeth precisely. With the trays snugly fitting your teeth, the bleaching gel penetrates better for effective stain removal. Also, your dentist will provide professional-strength bleaching gel to make your teeth whitest.

Another advantage of seeing a dentist for teeth whitening is that he or she can determine whether bleaching your teeth will whiten your teeth or make the stains in them more noticeable. Depending on the cause of the stains in your teeth, whitening them may worsen matters.

If cost is a concern, speak with your dentist about your desire to whiten your teeth. You may be surprised at how your dentist can make your take-home treatment affordable. Some dentists offer free teeth whitening with your exams.

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