Why Does My Dental Crown Still Hurt After Two Months?

Two months ago, I went to Costa Rica for 10 lower crowns and eight porcelain veneers in early May. Since returning home, I have felt severe pain in my lower jaw. One molar tooth hurts whenever I chew anything. I called the dentist, who advised me to take ibuprofen every 4-6 hours for two weeks. I know the health risks, so I don’t take it as often as she recommended. The dentist also mentioned that I might need a root canal. The tooth hurts when I chew but not when I touch or clench my teeth. Should I have pain two months after dental work? I’m embarrassed to see a local dentist about work I had done outside of the US. Thanks. Luca from Nashville


Your symptoms and the dentist’s recommendation to take ibuprofen so frequently are alarming. Long-term ibuprofen use can damage your liver or kidneys. You are wise to minimize your use of it.

Lingering pain after dental crowns or veneers is not normal. Although tenderness may occur after a few weeks, symptoms should not last for months.

We understand your embarrassment, but you need care from a skilled cosmetic dentist. Look for dentists with post-graduate cosmetic dentistry experience and schedule consultations or exams. You may need root canal treatment, but please don’t return to Costa Rica for it.

Few dentists have the advanced cosmetic dentistry and training required to produce a beautiful smile makeover with crowns and porcelain veneers. Your chances of getting a beautiful smile out of the country are even lower. Please consult a cosmetic dentist to examine all your Costa Rica dental work and the molar tooth that hurts.

The precaution of examining your dental work can minimize future problems with your dental restorations.

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