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Will I Need Another Root Canal?

Hi. Will you please let me know if it sounds like I need another root canal? In 2017, a dentist completed a root canal on my upper left molar. The tooth started occasionally hurting in the spring, but it has hurt daily since August. Last week it got worse, so I took ibuprofen. Do I need to see a dentist within the next week or two, or can it wait? I am supposed to travel at the end of next week. I don’t want this to interfere with my travel plans, but I am concerned about what can happen if the treatment extends beyond my departure date. Thank you. Jessica from Toledo, OH


Thank you for your question. Although Dr. Lacy would need to examine and x-ray your tooth for an accurate diagnosis, we can explain what may be happening.

What Should You Do If You Feel Pain in a Root Canal Tooth?

If you feel pain in a root canal tooth, it is likely a symptom of root canal failure. Infection is usually the source of most toothaches, including a tooth that had root canal treatment. Only a dentist can confirm the status of your tooth with an exam and x-rays.

What Causes Root Canal Failure?

Root canal failure can occur if any infected tissue remains in a tooth. Your tooth may feel better at first, but the infection will linger. Channels in a tooth can be curvy or challenging to see, so a dentist may miss them or fail to clean them out thoroughly. Unless a dentist has advanced training and instruments for challenging cases, they may miss some of the infection. Most dentists refer challenging issues to an endodontist (root canal specialist).

How Is Root Canal Failure Treated?

A dentist or endodontist treats root canal failure with repeat root canal treatment. After taking an x-ray of the tooth, the dentist or endodontist can do the following:

  • Identify the area of infection
  • Use specialized tools to remove it
  • Sanitize the tooth
  • Fill it with a root canal filler material

A dentist will take impressions of the tooth to create a custom crown to protect it because root canal therapy weakens a tooth. Endodontists may perform root canal surgery (apicoectomy). An apicoectomy accesses the root tip through your bone and removes the infection.

Schedule an Appointment for an Exam

If you are concerned about the timing of treatment and whether you can complete it before traveling, seeing a specialist will help you get an accurate diagnosis. An endodontist’s skill and instruments will reduce the risk of needing a third root canal procedure. Search online for a board-certified endodontist and schedule an appointment soon.

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My Snap-On Denture Teeth Are Too Big


We understand your disappointment with trying to stabilize your denture and getting results that detract from your smile. Your dentist is responsible for correcting the issue or giving you a refund. You can start with a list of what you do and do not like about your snap-on denture and approach your dentist another time with your request. Some patients succeed by reporting the issue to the state dental board or consulting with an attorney.

Why Causes Denture Teeth to Be Too Large?

Your denture teeth can be too large if your dentist does not take impressions correctly or makes mistakes with the try-in of a wax model of your denture. During the try-in, your dentist should check how the denture affects these aspects:

  • Your facial appearance
  • The fullness of your lips
  • Your bite
  • Your speech

Will You Need a New Denture to Replace the Teeth?

Whether you need a new denture to replace the teeth that are too large depends on the condition and quality of your denture. If your dentist’s cost is 40% less than other dentists, he may have sacrificed quality for the price. A skilled cosmetic dentist may be able to drill out the denture teeth of a quality denture and make the corrections. Otherwise, you may need a new denture. Either way, your denture will look and feel better, and you will feel more confident about your appearance and smile.

Even if you decide to keep your current dentist and give him another chance, consider getting a second opinion from an advanced cosmetic dentist. You can take the second opinion dentist’s documentation to your dentist to support your concerns and the corrections needed. Speak with the advanced cosmetic dentist about how to make treatment affordable if you need a new snap-on denture.

Best wishes for your dentist’s cooperation and a reasonable resolution.

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Can I Trade in My Partial Denture to Save Money on Dental Implants?

My partial denture annoys me, and I wonder if there is somewhere I could trade it in for dental implants and save money. I knew the partial would be uncomfortable, but it’s almost unbearable. It is nearly three years old, but it is almost like new. It is so painful that I only wear it when I leave home. The metal clasps on them keep digging into my gums.

I’ve returned to my dentist three times for adjustments, but the denture still hurts in the same place. I wear the partial for two missing teeth. I wonder if the metal part of the partial denture can be saved or if it has value as a trade-in. What are my options? Also, is there anything I can do to adjust the partial myself without breaking it? Thanks. – Ken from Nashville


Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth, but unfortunately, a three-year-old partial denture would not have trade-in value. You will not find a dentist who will discount dental implants because you have turned in your uncomfortable partial denture. Still, your situation is not hopeless. You have several options:

  • Schedule an appointment for a second opinion to see if a dentist can adjust your partial denture to increase comfort until you can get dental implants.
  • Schedule a consultation with an implant dentist and ask about the dentist’s financial arrangements for making implants affordable for you.
  • Consider a dental bridge as an alternative if dental implants are not within your budget.

Do not try to adjust your partial denture. You can damage it and cause more harm than good. If you alter a partial denture too much, you will not be able to wear it. You will need a new one or be obligated to choose an alternative.

We suggest finding two experienced implant dentists and scheduling consultations with them. You will get more information on how implants can benefit your case, the cost, and how to get them affordably without sacrificing quality and getting cheap implants that do not last.

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My gums are bleeding and I have dental anxiety

My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. I have dental anxiety and am afraid that I know I have gum disease because of canceling dental appointments for the past three years. Things are probably worse than they would usually be because I am diabetic. Now I will need sedation and deep cleanings. The thought of it is increasing my anxiety because I already have too many medical bills. How long can I expect treatment for gum disease to last? Ramón from TN


Thank you for your question. Dr. Lacy would need to examine your teeth and gums and take x-rays to determine the extent of your gum disease.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, people with diabetes are more likely to have gum disease than people without diabetes for these reasons:

  • High glucose levels can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, and gingivitis.
  •  Saliva flow in your mouth decreases when you have diabetes, causing bacteria-producing acid to linger in your mouth.
  • Germs in your mouth will travel into your bloodstream. And your body’s immune response can unleash molecules that can increase blood sugar levels.

How Gum Disease Progresses

Gingivitis, or the beginning stage of gum disease, can cause your gums to swell and bleed. It can lead to periodontitis, or advanced gum disease and cause your teeth to loosen. It can even spread to the jawbone.

  • Your dentist can check your teeth and gums more frequently.
  • Your hygienist can perform regular deep cleanings to remove plaque from your gum pockets.
  • Your dentist may prescribe fluoride rinse or prescription toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • You may need advanced care from a periodontist (gum specialist).

How Long Will Gum Disease Treatment Take?

How long gum disease treatment takes depends on its severity and how your dentist or periodontist must treat it. You may need only a few weeks of treatment, or treatment can be spread out over a few months. After an examination, your dentist will develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Getting Gum Disease Treatment If You Have Dental Anxiety

If you have dental anxiety, your dentist can use sedation to help you relax during gum disease treatment. Depending on your anxiety level and the care you need, your dentist will explain the options. You can ask our dentist about financing options to help you pay for dental care over time.

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Will My Chipped Tooth Grow Back?

My girlfriend keeps nagging me about a chipped tooth that happened a few weeks ago. I hurt when it first happened but now only every now and then does it bother me. I think she is embarrassed by it, but it doesn’t bother me. Is this something that a dentist needs to fix, or can I leave it alone and save the money for something else?  Will a chipped tooth grow back? Thanks. Logan from SC

Logan – Thanks for choosing our office for your question.

Will a Chipped Tooth Grow Back?

A chipped tooth will not grow back. Although tooth enamel is the body’s most rigid tissue, it is not living. So, your tooth will not repair itself.

Do You Need to Have a Chipped Tooth Fixed?

Whether you need to have a chipped tooth fixed depends on the extent of the damage. A chipped tooth can worsen. Stress on the tooth from biting hard food can cause further damage. It is best to have your tooth examined by a dentist to determine if internal damage to the tooth needs treatment.

Chipped tooth before-and-after photos
Dental bonding repairs chipped teeth seamlessly

If there is no internal damage to the tooth and it is structurally sound, a dentist can repair it with dental bonding. Cosmetic dentists apply dental bonding by hand to fill in the missing space seamlessly. An experienced cosmetic dentist can manipulate bonding to match the color and translucence of your natural tooth. A dentist can complete the treatment in one visit—usually in less than an hour.

Although you are not concerned about the appearance of your tooth, at least have it examined to ensure that the damage is only cosmetic. You can find a cosmetic dentist willing to make treatment affordable for you.

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I think my root canal filling is coming out

Man holding the side of his face - portraying need for an affordable dentist

In 2007, I had an injury that impacted my mouth. My dentist did root canals on two teeth. Above five years ago, the crown broke off one tooth and left a hole in the tooth, which the dentist patched with a filling. I haven’t seen a dentist in several years, but now the tooth hurts. When I eat, it is painful, and the pain travels up my cheek into my eye. The tooth doesn’t feel smooth anymore when I run my tongue over it. I think the cement is coming off. I cannot afford a new crown, but it seems that I need to see a dentist. Are antibiotics an option for delaying a new crown? Thank you. Manny T from Dallas


Thank you for your question.

 Dr. Lacy would need to examine your tooth and an x-ray for an accurate diagnosis. But your description sounds like the tooth is infected. So, yes, see a dentist right away.

Painful Tooth with a Root Canal Filling

An exposed root canal filling allows saliva to enter and wash out the dental cement, which keeps the filling material in place and seals out bacteria. Your tooth can become reinfected. Pain or swelling in your cheek or upper jaw can spread to your eye.

Although antibiotics can control the infection, they will not remove it. And taking antibiotics for an extended period can result in an antibiotic-resistant infection. Only repeat root canal treatment can remove the infection. The longer you wait, the more the infection will spread.

A dentist will examine your tooth to determine if a temporary filling is enough to preserve it or if getting a crown is the best protection.

What If You Cannot Afford a Dental Crown?

If you cannot afford a dental crown, talk with your dentist about ways to receive the treatment you need. Many dentists offer financing or payment plans. Keep in mind that if your dentist recommends a crown to protect your tooth and prevent further infection, delaying the crown can lead to more costly problems.

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Why Would Dentists Recommend a Partial Denture When I Want Implants?

After years of neglect, my front teeth are stained and chipped. Two left teeth – incisor and canine are missing. I found a new dentist two months ago who would not listen to me and was disrespectful about the condition of my mouth. I asked about cosmetic treatment, and she recommended a partial denture. I do not want a partial denture, and I asked her to explain my options. The dentist said that a partial denture is the least expensive way to fix my teeth.

Neglecting my oral health over the years had nothing to do with money. I decided to switch dentists. My appointment was two weeks ago, and again, this dentist recommended a partial denture and told me that an implant is another option, but it is out of the ballpark for me. I am insulted. Although I am not wealthy, I work and can budget to pay for dental care. How can I find a dentist willing to save my teeth and respect me and my preferences? – Thank you. Toya from Dallas


Many dentists do not want to try to save teeth. It is easier to extract them and offer a partial denture. An implant is a better option than a partial denture. If you want dental implants, find a dentist with advanced implant training or who partners with an oral surgeon for implant surgery.

If you have a mixture of chipped and discolored teeth, a dentist with advanced cosmetic dentistry training can use a combination of treatments to restore them. But a dentist who is not comfortable with cosmetic dentistry might direct you to a quick solution—a partial denture.

Finding a Dentist to Restore Your Teeth

You can find a dentist to save and restore your teeth by researching two or three dentists and scheduling consultations with them. Look for these factors:

  • Advanced cosmetic dentistry training
  • Post-graduate dental implant training or partnership with an oral surgeon or periodontist for implant surgery
  • A website smile gallery or before-and-after photos to show you
Diagram of dental imlant components, including the root form, connector, and crown
Dental implants are much more effective than partial dentures

A skilled cosmetic dentist who regularly restores implants and provides other aesthetic treatments will readily recommend saving your teeth. After two or three consultations, you can choose a dentist that you think you can trust. And if you need extensive dental work and want to pay for your dental care over time, ask the dentist about financing or payment plans.

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Do cracks in teeth show up on x-rays?

Last month, I was a passenger in a car that was involved in an acceded. The airbag did not go off. My entire face hit the dashboard very hard. My teeth were hurting, but I couldn’t see any damage. My dentist x-rayed my teeth and didn’t see any damage. She referred me to an endodontist who also did an x-ray. The endodontist said I need a root canal for two teeth that are cracked. I am wondering if I need to get a third opinion and another x-ray. Should a crack in a tooth show up in an x-ray? I cannot afford root canal treatment. – Jennifer from TN

Jennifer- A crack in a tooth will show up only if the x-ray is taken at the correct angle—the exact angle of the crack. So, it is difficult to see on an x-ray that a tooth is cracked.

Although a general dentist may not detect a crack, endodontists are more skilled at reading x-rays. Even if the endodontist could not detect a crack on the x-ray, he likely saw evidence in your tooth that it is cracked.

You may seek another opinion, but it is unlikely that another x-ray will reveal the problem with your teeth.

If you cannot afford root canal treatment, ask the endodontist how long you have before you risk losing your tooth. A crack can progress, lead to infection, and result in tooth loss if it is not treated.

You may have time to save money for treatment. Another possibility to ask the endodontist about financing or payment plans. Low- or no-interest financing is available through CareCredit and other companies to help you pay for dental treatment.

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I Can’t Afford a Root Canal. How Long Can I Wait?

Two months ago, I had a flare-up in a molar tooth, so I made a same-day appointment with a dentist that my co-worker recommended. The dentist said I need a root canal, but I cannot afford it. How long can I put it off before the tooth surprises me again?

Thank you for your inquiry. Although Dr. Lacy would need to examine your tooth and x-rays, we can explain some basics.

Delaying a Root Canal If You Cannot Afford It

If you cannot afford root canal treatment and decide to delay it, consider a few signs and symptoms that might help you identify the status of your tooth. But the descriptions below are not a substitute for dental care.

Strawberry blonde woman with glasses with her hand over her mouth - perhaps needing root canal from an affordable dentist
Look for an affordable dentist for a root canal and payment plans
  • Painful tooth – A painful tooth is a symptom of an active infection that is spreading. Without root canal treatment, the infection can spread into your jawbone, other teeth, and your bloodstream.
  • Drainage or a gum pimple – Drainage in your mouth or a gum pimple near your tooth root is a sign of tooth abscess. Although it is not an emergency, you need treatment as soon as possible. Again, the infection can spread into your jawbone and chin and cause more problems.
  • Painless tooth – If your tooth does not hurt at all, the pulp (tissue and nerves inside) died. But the infection can still eat away at your tooth roots and make it impossible for a dentist to save your tooth. If active tooth decay caused your condition, it would grow until it destroys your tooth.

 Options When You Cannot Afford Root Canal Treatment

If you cannot afford root canal treatment but you want to save your tooth, here are some options:

  • Ask about payment plans – Many dentists offer payment plans for treatment. For example, you can pay for treatment over several months.
  • Ask about financing – CareCredit® is a health care credit card that offers low- or no-interest financing for qualifying applicants.
  • –– If you do not have dental insurance, some dental offices offer a dental savings plan to help you save money on care.

What About Tooth Extraction?

If you cannot afford root canal treatment, tooth extraction should be the last resort. When you extract a tooth:

  • Other teeth will begin to drift and disrupt your bite (the way your upper and lower teeth fit together)
  • As your teeth move, they can create orthodontic issues
  • Tooth replacement options are more expensive than root canal treatment

Look for an Affordable Dentist

Look for experienced dentists in your area who offer payment plans, financing, or a dental savings plan. You will be able to get root canal treatment and afford it by paying for care over time.

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My Teeth Are Too Sensitive to Clean

No matter how much I have my teeth cleaned, I still have deep pockets between my teeth and gums. My teeth are sensitive and painful. Two weeks ago, I went in for a cleaning and had to leave because it hurt so bad. My dental insurance lapsed, and I can only pay so much for dental care. This dentist works with my budget, but I am concerned that I am going to lose all my teeth before I can pay for another deep cleaning. Maybe it was a mistake to let the office do the first deep cleaning. What can I do? Thank you. Dominici from TN


You have advanced gum disease, and you need to take care of it. If the dentist you have seen works with your budget and gives good dental care, talk to him or her about it. You may need to ask for a periodontist (gum specialist) to avoid losing your teeth.

Painful deep teeth cleaning

Photo of a woman in a dental chair with a dentist and hygienst on either side of her; for information on affordable dentistry from Plano TX female dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.
Find an affordable dentist you can trust

Often before deep cleaning, a hygienist will apply local anesthetic to minimize your discomfort. Infected and inflamed gums must be cleaned deeply—to where your teeth and gums are attached. But the pain you described sounds more severe.

Sometimes deep cleaning can provoke an active infection, which increase inflammation and pain. Your dentist can prescribe antibiotics for you to take until you complete deep cleaning appointments. And you can phase the deep cleaning. Schedule two appointments and wait a week or two before completing treatment—but take the antibiotics until treatment is complete.

Time to switch dentists

We recommend that you find another dentist who will work with your budget by offering payment plans or financing. Your dentist has not readily referred you to a periodontist to control your gum disease. Treatment from a periodontist will be effective and more comfortable.

Aggressive gum disease leads to tooth loss

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, aggressive gum disease (periodontitis) causes your gums to detach from your teeth and leads to jawbone loss. You must resolve the issue promptly to avoid losing your teeth.

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