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What Can I Do If a Tooth Post Broke Beneath My Dental Bridge?

A post in one of my teeth broke, but the tooth is a lateral incisor and part of a dental bridge. I had a root canal on the tooth three years ago, and my dentist added the post because the tooth was broken. Now that the post has broken at the gumline, will I need a new post and a bridge? Or can my dentist take the bridge off, replace the post, and put the bridge back? – Thanks. Stefan from San Bernardino.


Dr. Lacy would need to examine your tooth and take X-rays for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. However, we have a few observations.

Our first concern is whether a new post in your tooth would work or if it would also break. A post broken at the gumline limits a dentist’s techniques to grab and remove it. Sometimes, an ultrasonic scaler can loosen the cement around the post so the dentist can remove it. However, when a post breaks at the gumline, a dentist may have to drill away tooth structure to retrieve it.

A lateral incisor is a small tooth; drilling it will further weaken it. The risk of losing a second post increases. Your dentist must remove the crown from the bridge to access the post. It would be easier to remove the entire bridge, access the tooth and post, and replace the bridge. This highlights one disadvantage of a dental bridge versus a dental implant: A dentist must replace the entire bridge if a problem occurs with a tooth in the bridge.

You cannot expect a new post to last longer than the old one on a weak incisor that will absorb lateral stress when you chew. The post will weaken and break if you have a heavy biting force.

We recommend consulting a cosmetic dentist for an exam and X-rays. The dentist can determine whether you can benefit from a dental implant for the missing tooth and the tooth with the broken post or if a new post and bridge will last.

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How can I find an affordable dentist to replace 8 porcelain veneers?

How can I find an affordable dentist to replace 8 porcelain veneers I receive May of last year? Within 3 months of getting the veneers, one of them fell off. My dentist bonded it back on. Since that time 2 more veneers fell off. When I was brushing my teeth last Wednesday, I noticed that one of the veneers that my dentist bonded back on is now loose. This is ridiculous and I want to switch to another dentist to get my veneers completely redone. If I could go back to my natural teeth I would do so. I feel stuck and ripped off by my dentist. Of course I didn’t budget for porcelain veneer mistakes, so now I need to find an affordable dentist to get new veneers. Of course I’m concerned about quality. I already paid a lot of money for these veneers and the quality is poor. Hopefully you can guide me in finding quality affordable veneers. – Sabrina

Sabrina – We’re sorry to hear about your bad experience with porcelain veneers. Quality cosmetic dentistry is a rare art, and when patients request affordable dentistry for cosmetic purposes, it concerns us.

A skilled cosmetic dentist can make it more affordable for you to get your veneers replaced, but it won’t mean that the restorations will be inexpensive. We caution patients who focus on cost alone. Affordability is best met through payment plans or financing to make new porcelain veneers easier on your budget. If you insist on the lowest cost, even if you get new veneers, there could be a sacrifice in quality, and they too can fall off or be easily damaged.

A skilled cosmetic dentist has the tools required to properly bond your porcelain veneers. He or she also knows the bonding techniques required to secure your veneers. They should never fall off.

Select two or three experienced cosmetic dentists with whom you can schedule consultations. Have your veneers examined. It’s possible that you don’t need new veneers. Sometimes poorly bonded veneers can be removed, cleaned, and correctly bonded to your teeth.

  • Compare the options and costs for each consulting dentist.
  • Ask to see before-and-after pictures of porcelain veneers each dentist has placed.
  • Ask about options for payment plans or financing.
  • Don’t automatically select the dentist with the lowest cost. Verify his or her training and qualifications.

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Free teeth whitening kit discolored my dental bonding

I won a free teeth whitening kit. I thought it was a good prize for answering some survey questions because I’ve had whitening in the past, and it was pretty expensive.  I followed the directions and used the whitening for 2 weeks. I have bonding on 3 teeth and the whitening discolored the bonding. So now you can tell that there is bonding on those teeth. I’m wondering if it was the brand of whitening that caused this problem. Can a dentist lighten the bonding or will it have to be redone now? Thanks. Emily

Emily – Free teeth whitening is safe when it’s offered by your dentist. Supervision from your dentist allows him or her to do the following:

  • Examine your natural teeth and any restorative work on them to determine if bleaching gel will help or harm your teeth
  • Monitor the progress of teeth whitening treatment
  • Make adjustments in the strength of the bleaching gel, or in the treatment time needed

Why Teeth Whitening Won’t Brighten Bonding

Although bleaching your teeth can have dramatic results, it won’t whiten your bonding. Here’s why:

  • Unlike natural teeth, dental bonding is nonporous.
  • Bleaching gel is designed to penetrate pores, but that’s not possible with bonding.
  • As your natural teeth get whiter, your dental bonding won’t change. Whiter teeth make bonding look as if it’s getting darker.

As bonding ages, it attracts stains. A cosmetic dentist can replace the bonding with a color and translucence that matches your natural teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist will:

  • Choose dental composite that matches your whitened teeth
  • Use dental tools to roughen the old bonding
  • Apply and shape the new composite
  • Cure the composite with a special light
  • Further shape and polish the bonding

It’s best to wait until you’ve finished your whitening treatment before having your dental bonding replaced. It ensures the bonding will match your whitened teeth. But rather than use free teeth whitening with questionable ingredients, only use whitening gel you receive from your dentist or that is approved by your dentist. If the free bleaching gel damages your teeth, the cost of restoring them will be greater than the cost of getting whitening treatments from your dentist.

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Need an affordable dentist for new crowns for my front teeth

Normally I wouldn’t be asking for an affordable dentist to get crowns on my front teeth. The problem is that my crowns are fairly new. I got them in 2015. I went to a cosmetic dentist who showed me lots of pictures and really seemed to know what he was doing. The problems started when I tried in the temporary crowns and they looked too big. Maybe too thick is the correct word. They clearly sit too far forward from my natural teeth. My natural teeth aren’t that thick at all. The dentist bonded on the crowns without me knowing that it was permanent. This makes the crowns almost look like buck teeth. They uncomfortably touch the back of my lips and my profile in pictures is different than it used to be. My lips poke out slightly. People who didn’t know me before I got the crowns probably can’t tell unless they really look at my smile. My friends who knew my smile before notice that something is different. I don’t get into the subject of getting new crowns and they ended up thicker than the dentist and I agreed on. It goes without saying that this dentist isn’t going to replace my crowns. I don’t trust him. I want to replace the crowns. My dental insurance isn’t going to provide benefits for them because they crowns are barely 2 yrs old. So that brings be to the question of how can I find an affordable dentist to replace the crowns on my front teeth? Thanks for your help. Camila

Camila – We sympathize with your disappointment in your crowns. It’s clear that the dentist you visited was a cosmetic dentist in name only. We also understand your desire to find an affordable dentist to restore your smile since you won’t receive insurance benefits. Still, insist on an experienced cosmetic dentist to replace your crowns. There are several reasons why.

  • Care must be taken to remove the existing crowns. If your crowns were bonded to your natural teeth, they must be carefully removed. A cosmetic dentist will use diamond burs to carefully grind the crowns away from your natural teeth without damaging your teeth. Aggressive removal can cause serious damage your natural teeth.
  • Precision is required to match your natural teeth. The dentist who originally placed your crowns either isn’t interested in precision or doesn’t know how to achieve it. A trained cosmetic dentist is an artist who is usually more concerned about symmetry and aesthetics than his or her patients. Your crowns can perfectly match your natural teeth.
  • A great cosmetic dentist is also a great communicator. You have the right to be told when a restoration is bonded to your teeth. Your new dentist will ensure that the crowns are exactly what you want before they are bonded. You should insist on approving the look and feel of your smile before crowns are bonded to your teeth.

How to Find an Affordable Dentist

  • Make quality—not cost—your priority. Find several experienced cosmetic dentists in your area. Ask friends or family members for recommendations.
  • Check each dentist’s website for his or her training and credentials.  A dentist should be serious about continuing education to stay current with the latest tools and techniques that will give you a winning smile.
  • On each cosmetic dentist’s website, look for before-and-after photos of actual patients who have received crowns from the dentist. Otherwise, ask to see photos during a consultation.
  • Schedule consultations with at least two dentists to discuss your options and the cost.
  • Ask each affordable dentist how he or she can work with your budget to replace your crowns. Don’t insist on a bargain. “Affordable” can mean that you will be able to pay for services through a payment plan or financing.

If you are uneasy about any dentist’s ability or chairside manner, move on to the next affordable dentist. Best wishes!

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Need an affordable dentist for 3 chipped teeth

I really need to find an affordable dentist. I have been out of full-time work since April of this year. Last week I had a bike accident that chipped 3 of my teeth. They are so sensitive. They hurt if I drink cold water, eat anything cold and even the cold air makes them hurt. I know that I can’t keep going like this so I have to do something about it. My budget is really tight and I am wondering if because I need 3 crowns whether the dentist will give me a discount. – Niles

Niles – Yes, you can find an affordable dentist to treat your chipped teeth. He or she will first need to examine your teeth to determine the extent of the damage. If the damage is limited, depending on which teeth are chipped, dental bonding may be able to restore them. Dental bonding will provide a secure restoration for central and lateral incisors, as well as canine teeth. If that’s the case, you won’t need crowns at all, and bonding is less expensive than a dental crown.

Molar teeth, on which more pressure is exerted for biting and chewing, may need a sturdier restoration, such as a dental crown. If you do need crowns, you can find a dentist who can make them affordable for you.

Some dentists have in-office discount plans for patients who don’t have dental insurance. Another alternative is to speak with the dentist about payment plans for your care. Financing with no-interest payments are often available. Contact the offices of a few skilled dentists to find out your options to get affordable dental care.

If you are feeling sensitivity in your teeth, you need to get them examined and treated as soon as possible. Tooth cracks, fractures, or breaks can worsen in with time when they are left untreated. The condition of your teeth and accompanying pain can get worse. The sooner you receive treatment, the easier the restoration will be. It can also help you avoid more aggressive treatment and the expense that comes with it.

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I quit smoking and my teeth are still dark. Where can I find free teeth whitening?

I quit smoking about 2 years ago. I smoked from age 13 to 39. I was hoping that with time my teeth would get whiter by now. Now that it’s been 2 years I am not so confident that it’s going to happen. I started using whitening toothpaste about 3 weeks after I quit. I really don’t see any improvement. Also for over a month last year I used whitening strengths. I got the most costly box I could find at Walmart because I really wanted it to work. I am not about to pay a dentist $500 to get my teeth white so I am going to keep working at it myself. How long will it take for my teeth to lighten, or is it really too late? Is there anywhere I can get free teeth whitening? – Henry

Henry – When you quit smoking, you prevent additional staining of your teeth from the nicotine, but quitting doesn’t reverse the stains and discoloration that smoking has already caused on your teeth.

Whitening toothpaste removes surface stains from your teeth. Stains from cigarette smoking are beneath the surface, and it takes strong bleaching gel to penetrate your teeth and break down the stains in them. Over-the-counter whitening strips just aren’t strong enough.

Many people search online for free teeth-whitening kits. Often shipping rates for the products are very expensive. Other consumers find that the bleaching gel had no effect on their teeth at all. In some cases, teeth or gums have been damaged by chemicals in the bleaching gel, which perhaps was not bleaching gel at all.

A cosmetic dentist can help. He or she will examine your teeth to determine which whitening treatment will work best on them. Either in-office or take-home treatment will get your teeth amazingly white. If necessary, most dentists will be able to work with your budget to make teeth whitening affordable for you. You may be able to find a dentist who offers free teeth-whitening treatment to patients who keep their regularly scheduled dental cleaning and exam appointments.

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Can I find an affordable dentist to fix my cracked tooth?

I think my tooth is cracked and I need to find an affordable dentist to fix it. I really can’t see a crack though. I had a heavy blow to my face and I know it hit my tooth. Is this something that will heal on its own or do I need to see a dentist. If it needs to be fixed, how bad will it hurt? Thanks Ian

Ian – If you had trauma to your face and teeth, you may have a cracked tooth. It is important that you quickly find an affordable dentist to examine your tooth.

Some of the symptoms that may indicate your tooth is cracked are pain when you bite or chew, or when the tooth is exposed to heat or cold. You may feel varying levels of pain that come and go.

The inside of your tooth contains soft tissue, or pulp. Pulp contains blood vessels and nerves. A tooth that is cracked is not stable, and causes irritation in the pulp. If it’s left untreated, the pulp can become damaged. Pressure on the tooth when chewing can be painful, and the tooth can be sensitive to extreme changes in temperature. When you find a dentist who can make treatment affordable for you, he or she will treat the tooth based on its condition.

The treatment for your tooth depends on the nature, location, and extent of the crack.

  • Cusp fracture – If the cusp, or biting surface, of your tooth is fractured, it usually doesn’t cause much pain. Your tooth can be protected with a dental crown.
  • Cracked tooth – If the crack in your tooth extends into the root, it will affect the pulp inside your tooth. The crack can gradually spread. The pulp in your tooth will require a root canal treatment to prevent an infection. Cracks that extend below the gumline will likely require the tooth to be extracted. Early treatment is important to prevent the problem from getting worse.
  • Split tooth – A tooth that has been split and segmented cannot be saved intact. The extent of the crack will determine if any portion of the tooth can be saved. Again, prompt treatment is needed to preserve as much of the tooth as possible.
  • Vertical root fracture – This fracture begins at the tooth root and extends toward the biting surface. The surrounding bone and gum may become infected. At times, the fractured portion of the root can be removed to prevent tooth extraction.

Regardless of the treatment you need, your comfort can be maximized by a dentist who is not only affordable, but who also has gentle techniques. Let him or her know about your anxiety. A gentle dentist works hard to ensure that your treatment is pain free. If you are particularly anxious, sedation dentistry may be recommended to help you relax. It’s important that you see a dentist right away.

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How long should I wait to get crowns after free teeth whitening?

My dentist charges $400 for teeth whitening and I can’t afford that. There is a new dentist in my area who took over a practice and she is offering free teeth whitening with an exam. So I am going to get my next exam from her and get the teeth whitening. I figure I will stick with her through that and then return to my current dentist for my dental crowns. I can’t ask this question of my current dentist because she doesn’t know that I am taking a break from her to get my teeth whitened from someone else. I don’t want to ask the new dentist either because she will think I am taking advantage of her, which in a way I guess is true. My question is: How long should I wait to get crowns after free teeth whitening?

It is good that you realize that your teeth whitening treatment should be completed before crowns are placed. Otherwise, your dental crowns would be darker than your teeth. After your teeth have reached their desired whiteness and your whitening sessions are complete, there will be a two to three-week wait to allow the color of your teeth to stabilize.

After the waiting period, if your teeth are as white as you want them, then you can see your dentist for dental crowns. When you return, of course your dentist will know that you’ve had your teeth whitened. Porcelain crowns will be crafted to match the color of your whitened natural teeth.

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Will sedation help me get all my teeth fixed in one appointment?

I was without dental insurance for 5 years. During that time all I could afford to do was get my teeth cleaned once a year. Before my insurance ended I had major problems with my teeth. So the crowns and fillings she recommended were put on hold. Now I have some major cavities. I am guessing that I will need at least 3 caps on my teeth. One of the teeth is starting to hurt so I hope it doesn’t need a root canal. I am not a person who is usually afraid of the dentist but all the work I think that I will need is making me lean toward a sedation dentist. Just the number of teeth that need to be fixed is making me nervous. I am wondering if a sedation dentist will do all of this work in one appointment. If so it will be worth it for me to find a sedation dentist. Thanks Cheryl



It is good that you are already thinking about seeing a sedation dentist. The amount of work that needs to be completed on your teeth makes sedation appropriate. This treatment allows a dentist to accomplish as much as possible during a single visit.

In order to determine what dental treatment you really need and how much of it can be completed in a single visit, an examination and x-rays are required.

We suggest that you first find two or three experienced sedation dentists who are also cosmetic dentists. Schedule a consultation with each dentist. Find out what levels of sedation are offered and how the dentist determines which level of sedation is right for you.

An examination and x-rays will reveal whether you need root canal treatment and dental crowns. A cosmetic dentist will most likely select treatment options that preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible. At times, porcelain inlays or onlays are a more conservative way to treat teeth. This avoids the need to shave down the tooth structure to accommodate a dental crown.

During the consultation, ask about the forms of payment that are accepted in addition to your dental insurance. You will likely have out-of-pocket costs.

Choose a sedation dentist that you’re comfortable with. Ensure that you’re also comfortable with the staff and office environment. The right dentist will ensure your comfort and give you a beautiful smile.

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Can I find a female cosmetic dentist to lengthen my too short teeth?

My teeth are too short and look like a child’s teeth. This is very embarrassing to me. Even people that I’ve known for a long time look at my teeth when they are talking to me. I think it is affecting the way people treat me and it’s making it hard for me to find dates. I think women take a man less seriously if his teeth are smaller than normal for an adult. So that’s why I want a female cosmetic dentist. I want a woman’s opinion on how my smile looks to women. Maybe I am just self conscious about this. I am 39 yrs old and I want a new image. What can a cosmetic dentist do to change the length of my teeth? – Stephan

Stephan– A cosmetic dentist can change the length of your teeth.  The way it’s accomplished depends on what is causing your teeth to look small. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a nearby female cosmetic dentist either.

When patients have excessive gum tissue, a gum lift, also referred to as gum contouring or a gingivectomy can be performed. Excessive gum tissue can be removed to lengthen your teeth.

If excessive gum tissue is not the problem, porcelain veneers can be used to cover the front of your teeth and give them a longer appearance. Porcelain veneers beautifully design a smile. Porcelain is manipulated to match the color, characteristics, and translucence of natural teeth. People will think the veneers are your natural teeth.

In either case, be certain to select an experienced cosmetic dentist, so that you will get natural-looking results. We suggest that you schedule appointments for a consultation with two or three cosmetic dentists in your area to discuss your options. Ask to see actual patient photos of cases similar to yours or cases of the treatment that is being recommended to lengthen your teeth.

Take notes during each consultation. Notes will help you compare options, costs, and dentists. It will help you make a decision about which provider you want for your smile makeover.

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