Why aren’t teeth whitening strips helping?

I spent $40 on whitestrips for the second time but my teeth are not white like I want them. Which brand of whitestrips do you recommend to get my teeth really white? – Gina

Gina – Your experience is common. Although whitestrips contain peroxide gel, the gel is only a fraction of the strength of the teeth whitening gel you can get from a dentist. If the whitestrips work at all, they will only remove surface stains from your teeth.

The teeth bleaching gel available from a dentist will penetrate your teeth and break down the stains in them, producing a brilliantly white smile. There are other reasons to get your teeth whitened by your dentist.

Depending on the cause of the stains in your teeth, bleaching them may make the stains more noticeable. In some cases, porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns are the best way to conceal the stains. Your dentist will examine your teeth and be able to determine the results you will get by bleaching them.

Your dentist can monitor the progress of your teeth bleaching. He or she will provide you with customized trays that are specifically for your teeth. Customized trays make the bleaching process more effective, and they prevent you from wasting gel.

In-office treatment from your dentist will whiten your teeth in about an hour. If you choose a take-home kit, you will see brilliant results in about two weeks. Your dentist will instruct you on how to do touch-ups after in-office treatment, and how to get the best results with a take-home kit.

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