How much will Invisalign cost to correct underbite and crossbite?

I understand that Invisalign can correct underbite and crossbite. I would like to know the cost for these two corrections. Thanks. Amy

Amy – The cost of Invisalign® is determined by your individual case. The extent of underbite and crossbite will determine how many Invisalign aligners are needed to correctly align your teeth. No two cases are exactly the same, because each patient’s teeth require care specific to the shape and position of his or her teeth.

Your teeth need to be examined and x-rayed by an Invisalign provider. A treatment plan will be provided to determine what is required to progressively move your teeth to the correct position. After the dentist gathers that information, she or she will be able to provide you with the cost for your case.

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Horrible tooth pain for over a month

The pain in one of my upper right molars has been getting progressively worse. I started feeling small spikes of pain in February but for the past month, the pain has been horrible. My dentist examined the tooth and did an x-ray but she says the tooth looks fine, and there is no cavity in it.. I am taking pain killer every six hours just to keep from being miserable. She told me to schedule an appointment if the pain is not better by the middle of next month. Really? Should I have to keep popping pain pills every day just because she doesn’t know what’s causing the problem? Is there any way to find out what’s going on with my tooth? Thank you. Gina

Gina – Your concerns are very understandable. When you have ongoing tooth pain, there are various possible causes. In part, identifying the pain depends on specifics of when you feel the pain and the type of pain you feel. Some examples are below.

  • Lingering pain with hot or cold foods and drinks – The pulp of your tooth is likely damaged by decay, or by trauma to your tooth.
  • Dull ache in upper teeth, accompanied by jaw pain – A sinus headache, teeth grinding, or TMJ disorder can cause this type of pain.
  • Brief sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks – This can be a beginning sign of tooth decay.
  • Sharp pain when biting food – A loose filling, tooth decay, or pulp tissue damage may be the cause.
  • Severe constant pain, along with gum sensitivity or swelling – These symptoms are likely caused by an abscessed tooth.

In addition to dental causes, constant pain in the teeth or jaws can be signs of certain medical conditions.

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with another dentist to receive a second opinion on your tooth. If there are no apparent dental problems, you should consider visiting your primary care physician for further exams and tests.

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Cheap dental care for a broken tooth

My tooth broke during a soccer game and I need some help. I have dental insurance but not a lot of money. Neither of my parents is around to help, so I am going to have to take care of this myself. My smile looks good. My teeth could be whiter. I just need to know some places where I can get cheap dental care and get my tooth fixed. Thanks. Alexis.

Alexis – You can get quality dental care to restore you tooth. Sometimes when we look for something cheap, the quality is not so good. When dental care for teeth is cheap, it is likely that the restoration of your teeth won’t last, and you would have to get the work done over again.

So find a cosmetic dentist who can restore your tooth with a quality, natural-looking crown. People won’t be able to tell your tooth was broken. You can also get your teeth whitened. Many dentists offer payment plans or financing so that you can fit the dental care in your budget.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.