Why didn’t dentist ask me if I could afford this?

After my last dental cleaning, I was told that I needed 2 fillings. No problem. I made the appointment and returned last week for the fillings. While I was in the chair, the dentist said something about 4 fillings and another appointment for preparing my teeth for the crowns. I am certain that I was told that I needed only 2 fillings and nobody said anything to me about crowns. When I asked about it his response was sort of like with the condition of my teeth surely I knew that crowns were needed. Why wouldn’t this be discussed with me? I can’t afford this work any time soon. Is it common for work to be planned on a patient without discussing it with the patient? Sonja

Sonja – Any dental treatment planned or in progress should be thoroughly explained to you. In addition to recommended treatment, your options should be discussed with you.

If it’s necessary treatment, your dentist should be able to give you options as to how the treatment can be made affordable for you. Often treatment can be done in phases, or payment options can be discussed with you.

At this point, you should discuss your concerns with your dentist. If you are not satisfied with the response from your dentist, you can consider getting a second opinion.

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Can a dentist tell if my tooth is making my ear hurt?

Can a dentist tell if my tooth is making my ear hurt or do I need to see a regular doctor? – Janae

Janae – Pain in your tooth or jaw can refer into your ear. If you have a toothache, sensitivity in your tooth, or if there is swelling in the gums around your tooth, you should see a dentist. The toothache may be causing pain in your ear.

If there is no indication of a problem with your tooth, you may choose to see your medical doctor first.

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Free teeth whitening turned my teeth gray

I got free teeth whitening online and it turned my teeth a weird gray color. I only used it twice. I am afraid that I have totally messed up my teeth. What could have happened? – Lanai

Lanai – If a product that was marketed as teeth whitening gel turned your teeth gray in just two uses, you didn’t receive whitening gel. Without looking at the container or testing the gel, it’s difficult to say what you received.

See a dentist right away and take the product with you to the appointment. Your teeth need to be examined to determine what needs to be done to help restore them.

For our readers: The safest way to whiten your teeth is through your dentist. If you choose to purchase online products, do your research first. Free products or products that are exceptionally low in cost may not yield good results.

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