Can I Trade in My Partial Denture to Save Money on Dental Implants?

My partial denture annoys me, and I wonder if there is somewhere I could trade it in for dental implants and save money. I knew the partial would be uncomfortable, but it’s almost unbearable. It is nearly three years old, but it is almost like new. It is so painful that I only wear it when I leave home. The metal clasps on them keep digging into my gums.

I’ve returned to my dentist three times for adjustments, but the denture still hurts in the same place. I wear the partial for two missing teeth. I wonder if the metal part of the partial denture can be saved or if it has value as a trade-in. What are my options? Also, is there anything I can do to adjust the partial myself without breaking it? Thanks. – Ken from Nashville


Dental implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth, but unfortunately, a three-year-old partial denture would not have trade-in value. You will not find a dentist who will discount dental implants because you have turned in your uncomfortable partial denture. Still, your situation is not hopeless. You have several options:

  • Schedule an appointment for a second opinion to see if a dentist can adjust your partial denture to increase comfort until you can get dental implants.
  • Schedule a consultation with an implant dentist and ask about the dentist’s financial arrangements for making implants affordable for you.
  • Consider a dental bridge as an alternative if dental implants are not within your budget.

Do not try to adjust your partial denture. You can damage it and cause more harm than good. If you alter a partial denture too much, you will not be able to wear it. You will need a new one or be obligated to choose an alternative.

We suggest finding two experienced implant dentists and scheduling consultations with them. You will get more information on how implants can benefit your case, the cost, and how to get them affordably without sacrificing quality and getting cheap implants that do not last.

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