How do I stop a toothache without going to a dentist?

My tooth has been hurting for over a week. How do I stop it from aching without going to the dentist? Victor

Victor – Whether or not you can stop the toothache depends on the cause of the toothache. Sometimes food trapped between your tooth and gums can cause a toothache. Try thoroughly flossing around the tooth and between the tooth and your gums. If you find that food debris was trapped there, you may get relief from your toothache.

If you don’t get relief, you will need to see a dentist to have your tooth examined. You may have a cavity in your tooth that needs to be filled, or your tooth might be infected, in which case a root canal treatment will be needed to remove the infection. Don’t worry though. A root canal treatment can be a painless procedure.

You may get temporary relief with over-the-counter topical toothache pain reliever. Look for a brand that has an American Dental Association seal of approval, such as Benzodent®.  Keep in mind that an over-the-counter product is no substitute for a dental appointment. An examination and x-ray will determine the cause of your pain, and your dentist will let you know your treatment options.

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Legitimate free teeth whitening offers

Hi. I am looking for legitimate free teeth whitening offers. I have seen enough of scams that have outrageous shipping fees or places that you go to for whitening and they are really trying to sell you something else. How can I find legitimate free teeth whitening offer? Thanks. Tricia

Tricia – Free teeth whitening that is available from a dentist’s office is one of your options. The whitening may be offered as an incentive to acquire new patients.

Ask what type of free whitening is being offered—whitening strips, in-office treatment, or take-home kits. If  take-home whitening is offered, you can ask if customized trays will be included in the offer. Inquire about the bleaching gel—what type is it, and what is the strength of the gel? Take-home whitening from a dentist will usually get your smile much whiter in about two weeks.

You may also ask if the service is available to current patients, and if so, how much it costs. There may be requirements for you to receive the free teeth whitening, such as a dental exam or cleaning. Be prepared for that also.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.