How can I trust a dentist?

I have two fillings that fell out and I have a third tooth that needs so much filling there will be more tooth than filling. That’s what I know of. I am going to find a dentist but how do I know that the dentist won’t just tell me that I need more work because he wants the money? How do I know whether or not to trust what the dentist says?  Mila

Mila – You can ask friends and family members for references to a dentist whom they already trust. You can check patient reviews, too.

The dentist you visit should provide you with treatment options—not just a single treatment. Patient reviews may give you added confidence about the dentist.

If major dental work is recommended, and you’re seeing a dentist with whom you are not familiar, we suggest that you get a second opinion. You can have another dentist, outside of the practice, examine your teeth and let you know what treatment he or she suggests.

If you have dental insurance, it will likely provide coverage for a second opinion. But an examination fee for a second opinion may be well worth it to help you make a decision regarding which treatment you will choose.

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Can you smoke with Invisalign?

I am 19 yrs old. I need braces but I want Invisalign. I smoke. Not a chain smoker but I smoke 6 to 8 cigs a day. Can I get Invisalign or can I take them out while I smoke for a few minutes? Thanks in advance for not lecturing me about the dangers of smoking. f JT

JT – Invisalign® should only be taken out to eat or to floss and brush your teeth—that’s a wearing time of 20 to 22 hours a day.

Smoking while you wear Invisalign will cloud the aligners. They will no longer be invisible, and invisibility is the reason why most people choose them. If you want Invisalign to stay invisible, consider whether or not you want to stop smoking. If you will continue to smoke and you want Invisalign because the aligners are clear, you should consider braces instead.

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Looking for an affordable dentist

I need to have two crowns on my back, left molars. I have been looking online for an affordable dentist and I found your site but I live 6 hours from your office. How can I find one? – Lottie

Lottie – In the search box for your web browser, enter the name of your city and the words “affordable dentist” (example: Plano affordable dentist).

Include the name of your city and the word “dentist” in every search. Then include words such as “financing,” “payment plans,” or “no dental insurance.” You will be able to find a dentist who explains the options for your treatment, some of which may be more affordable for you. Or a dentist may be able to do your work in phases. Many dentists offer no-interest financing or payment plans.

If you don’t see the details for financial arrangements on a dentist’s website, call his or her office for more information. Be sure to find a dentist with cosmetic dentistry training. You get natural-looking results that will make the investment in your smell worthwhile. Best wishes on your search.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.