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1 dentist recommends a dental implant and the other a root canal

I saw 2 dentists about a tooth that has been giving me a lot of problems. 1 dentist recommends a dental implant and the other a root canal. Which would be better? Marcel

Marcel – If a natural tooth can be preserved without causing you pain and discomfort, or compromising your oral health, that’s always the better option. Do you have information on the condition of the tooth? Were you told what to expect in two or three years—or even less time—if you choose to have your natural tooth restored?

These are factors that can help you make a decision. It may also be helpful to know that a 2008 study published in the Journal of Endodontics shows that a dental implant is more likely to need maintenance that a root canal treatment.

The three-year study followed 129 dental implants and 149 root canal treatments. While only 1% of the root canal treatments needed further attention, 12% of the dental implants needed intervention.

Of course there are times when dental implants are the best option. In fact, they are the most natural looking, feeling, and functioning form of tooth replacement.

In addition to statistics, you can consider getting opinions from specialists—perhaps an endodontist (specializes in root canal treatments) and a prosthodontist (specializes in tooth restoration and dental implants) or a dental implant surgeon. Taking a little extra time to explore your options will give you confidence in making a decision about your treatment.


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Can adult baby teeth be replaced with dental implants?

I am 31 years old with three primary teeth. The permanent teeth never came in. This same issue is something that my grandmother on my father’s side had too. The three teeth are on the top left side of my mouth but they are toward the front. Can these teeth be pulled and replaced with dental implants? Thanks. Judith

Judith – It is possible to extract your primary teeth and replace them with dental implants, but it may not be necessary to do so.

Before you decide on a specific treatment to enhance your smile, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Depending on the size of your primary teeth, it may be possible to receive porcelain veneers. The veneers have a lifelike appearance and will be made to match the color and characteristics of your natural teeth. They are bonded to the front of your teeth.

A porcelain crowns is another option that covers the entire natural tooth. A customized crown will blend in with your natural teeth.

A cosmetic dentist can determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. If so, it is possible to extract the primary teeth, replace them with dental implants, and attach natural-looking dental crowns to the implants. Your implants will feel and function like natural teeth.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your options with a skilled cosmetic dentist who offers dental implants.


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Is it too late to get dental implants if my teeth are shifting again?

I wore braces for 3 years. After treatment, my orthodontist advised me to get 2 dental implants to fill in spaces and replace 2 teeth. That was almost 2 years ago and I never got the implants. I wear a retainer every night but I can tell that still my teeth are drifting into the empty space. Is it too late to get dental implants? – Mira

Mira – You received a good start for getting dental implants. Orthodontic treatment should be completed before dental implants are placed. Dental implants don’t move, so if they are placed first, the success of orthodontic treatment may be limited. Dental implants can prevent teeth from moving to the correct position during orthodontic treatment.

You should schedule an appointment with an implant dentist and have an examination. An examination and diagnostic studies will reveal whether or not there is enough space for dental implants or if orthodontic treatment is needed to make room for implants.

How long the orthodontic treatment will take and the type of treatment needed depends upon the amount of space that needs to be created.

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Dental implants for children?

My 11 year old daughter is missing 4 teeth. They aren’t going to come in. It’s genetic. I took her to an ortho and she said my daughter’s other teeth are crowded and she has an overbite and she will need braces. What does it cost for implants? Would she need to go back as she gets older to have it done again? – Brittany


Brittany – Your daughter’s orthodontic work should be completed first, and her jawbone growth should be completed before she receives dental implants.

Dental implants don’t move, so if teeth need to be repositioned with orthodontics, that treatment must be completed first. Otherwise, the dental implants can interfere with the orthodontic treatment and interfere with the growth of your daughter’s teeth.

Dental implants are placed when jawbone growth is complete. If they are placed prematurely, the growth of other teeth may be affected. As your daughter ages, her natural teeth would likely grow higher than the dental implants, and the implants would not look natural.

When your daughter reaches her late teens and her growth has stopped, you can find out if she is a candidate for dental implants. Until then, a cosmetic dentist will be able to provide her with a natural-looking tooth replacement for the missing teeth.

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Why does the dental implant process take so long?

Why does the dental implant process take so long? How long does it really take? – Thanks Torri

Torri – After you receive dental implant surgery, time is allowed for your jawbone to heal and fuse with the dental implant.

The healing period ensures that the implants are stable and will hold a replacement tooth. Prematurely attaching a replacement tooth to the implant can cause the implants to loosen.

The healing period for dental implants is typically two to six months. During this time, a temporary tooth replacement can be placed on the implant. You will have progress checks with the implant surgeon to ensure that the healing process is progressing.

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Should I get a root canal and a crown or have the tooth pulled?

I have a tooth that is really broken down. My dentist gave me the option of pulling it or getting a root canal and cap. What will happen with either treatment? – Thanks. Lexi

Lexi – If possible, dental professionals prefer to save your natural teeth, rather than replace them. If you receive a root canal treatment, the pulp of your tooth will be cleaned out. A ceramic crown, often referred to as a cap, will be placed over the tooth to protect it from further damage.

If you decide to have to tooth extracted and the space is left empty, other teeth in the vicinity will eventually drift toward the empty space. And in time, the bone that once supported the tooth will shrink. A missing tooth should be replaced with a dental implant. The structure of a dental implant is the same as a natural tooth. The root form of the implant will prevent the surrounding tooth from moving. The implant will look and feel like a natural tooth.

It sounds as if your dentist did not mention getting a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. If that’s the case, and you want to have the tooth extracted, make an appointment with a dentist who places implants. The implant will help prevent further problems with movement of other teeth.

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Should the tooth be extracted or should I receive a root canal?

Last year I had a filling replaced in tooth for the third time. About 4 months later I had pain in the tooth again. My dentist gave me a root canal and put a cap on the tooth. Every thing was ok until last month when the tooth started hurting again. Now my dentist says I need another root canal treatment. Should I have just gotten the tooth pulled? – Greg G.

Greg – An endodontist specializes in root canal treatments. So visit an endodontist for advice on whether or not a root canal treatment is best, or if the tooth should be extracted. If the tooth can be saved, it will be less expensive to preserve it than to extract it and replace it with a dental implant or a dental bridge.

The empty space from an extracted tooth should not be left that way. When a tooth is missing, adjacent or opposing tooth will drift into the space and cause additional oral health issues.

The second opinion from an endodontist will help you make an informed decision.

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