I think free teeth whitening is making my teeth brittle

I got 6 tubes of free teeth whitening from a friend and I think it’s making my teeth brittle. I had some pistachios over the weekend and while I was eating them a tiny piece of my tooth cracked. Pistachios aren’t that hard to chip a tooth. Also I’m noticing that my teeth seem to be more sensitive than normal. I’m afraid that I got cheap whitening from my friend. She got it online and her teeth seem to be okay, but maybe my teeth are more sensitive than hers. I’ve been using the whitening 5 days a week for the past 3 ½ months and my teeth are weaker but not much whiter. Is there something I can do to strengthen my teeth? I don’t want to go to my dentist because she offered me teeth whitening, but hers cost $400. I’m embarrassed to go into the office and tell her that I got the gel free and it’s messing up my teeth. Thanks. Kelsey

Kelsey – We strongly urge you to stop using the free teeth whitening right away. Although you might not want to go to your dentist, you do need to see a dentist.

Without examining the tubes of the gel, it’s hard to say what you received. But if it is professional-strength bleaching gel, using it five times a week for a three and a half months is excessive and can definitely damage your teeth.

Signs and Symptoms of Excessive Teeth Whitening

If you whiten your teeth too much, your teeth will tell the story. What are the signs that the free teeth whitening—or any other type of whitening—has damaged your teeth?

  • Increased sensitivity – Your teeth can become increasingly sensitive to hot and cold drinks or foods. Some people already have sensitive teeth, and over-bleaching them can make it worse.
  • Changes in tooth color – Your teeth can lose their whiteness and become transparent or blotchy.
  • Irritated gums – Gums can bleed easily and become sensitive or inflamed.
  • Brittle teeth – Excessive bleaching can dehydrate your teeth and make them brittle.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist for an examination and treatment recommendations. If you are completely hesitant about returning to your current dentist, find an experienced cosmetic dentist, and schedule an appointment for an exam. Don’t delay.

Although it’s not safe to whiten your teeth at all for now, there are dentists who offer free teeth whitening for patients who keep their regularly schedule appointments for dental cleanings and exams. You’ll get positive, predictable results.

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After every sedation dentistry appointment I’m so sick

Sedation dentistry has been the best thing for me as far as the dental appointment is concerned. As long as I can see a dentist and get through the appointment without having a panic attack I’m good. The problem is not what happens at the dentist but what happens when I get home. Last week was my 3rd sedation dentistry appointment and when I got home, I started vomiting and I got dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. The next day I’m just fine but after this last episode I started wondering what if this happens every time and I choke or something and I can’t get to the phone to call 911. I try to remember to keep my phone in a pocket at all times, but what if I can’t talk or something that? What do patients do to prevent sedation dentistry from making them so sick that they might not be able to call for help? Shem


It’s good to know that sedation dentistry is helping you maintain good oral health. But we are concerned that it’s making you so sick afterward. What you are experiencing isn’t normal, so don’t continue to endure the results afterward just because you can make it through your dental appointments.

Is Sedation Dentistry Making You Sick?

Tell your dentist

Have you told your dentist about your episodes? Your nausea and vomiting might be the result of the anti-anxiety medication. Be sure to let your dentist know the effect the medication is having on you. Your dentist can try a different type of medication, or perhaps you just need a lower lose.

Don’t stay home alone

Another concern is that you’re alone after your appointment. Although you might get a ride home after your dental appointment, an adult should remain with you for the rest of the day, if not overnight.

If you need assistance, or if you get sick as you have described, an adult who is present can help you or call 911 for you. Never stay alone after a sedation dentistry appointment.

Don’t get discouraged

Side effects can occur with just about any medication. Don’t get discouraged. You’re not the first patient to experience side effects from medication. If necessary, your dentist will work with your medical doctor or a pharmacist to find the right anti-anxiety medication for you.

Be certain to contact your dentist about this issue before your next procedure.

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Is this affordable dentist the reason I still have gum disease?

After a lengthy 2 month search, I finally found an affordable dentist. After 3 years of going to this dentist I expected better results. She has been treating me for gum disease for more than a year and a half and I really don’t think my teeth or gums look better. Would I have seen improvement faster if I had chosen a dentist with higher fees? I get a deep teeth cleaning every 3 months and my teeth are almost as loose as they were a year and a half ago. Does getting an affordable dentist mean that I won’t get quality care, or am I being impatient? How long does it take to get gum disease under control? Thanks. Liz

Liz – Your frequent visits to the dentist for scaling and root planing to treat your periodontal disease means that you have a severe case that is beyond the expertise of your affordable dentist.

Bleeding, sore, and inflamed gums, along with infections are signs of gum disease. If gum tissue and teeth continue to separate, your teeth can completely loosen and fall out. After almost two years, if your periodontal disease is about the same, it might be time for you to see a specialist—a periodontist—with two years of post-graduate training in diagnosing and treating issues with your gums.

Do All Affordable Dentists Provide Sub-Standard Care?

The length of time that you’ve been treated isn’t necessarily because you have found an affordable dentist. A dentist with higher fees might also assume that he or she knows how to successfully treat a particular case of periodontal disease when a specialist is really needed. It’s your oral health, so you can ask to be referred to a specialist for a second opinion, or if your insurance allows it, schedule the appointment yourself.

The appearance of your teeth at this point is probably related to the health of your gums. After your gum disease is under control, a cosmetic dentist can work with you to improve the appearance of your smile. It’s crucial to get a specialist to accurately determine why your periodontal disease isn’t improving. He or she will establish a treatment plan that will help you keep as many natural teeth as possible and get back on the path of good oral health.

In the future, you can find an affordable dentist who has good experience and training in general and cosmetic dentistry, and who recognizes when you should be referred to a specialist.

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