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Can an Electric Toothbrush Loosen a Crown?

After getting teeth whitening and new crowns, I invested $150 in an electric toothbrush in July, and I think it loosened my crown. I received two crowns in May, and one is loose. I intended to take good care of my teeth and minimize cavities because I want to stay out of the dental office unless it’s necessary. But within the past two weeks, I’ve felt my crown loosening. The loose one is a crown on a post. I stopped using the toothbrush already, but are the vibrations known to loosen crowns? I wish I had asked about this before spending money on the toothbrush. Thank you. Giada B. from NJ


Sonic vibrations in electric toothbrushes help loosen plaque, but they are not strong enough to loosen the cement from your dental crown.

Dentists use high-powered ultrasonic scalers to remove a cemented dental post from a tooth. But the tip is rigid and transfers the full strength of the vibrations wherever a dentist applies it. Even with this instrument, a dentist must press firmly on the post for an extended period to loosen a post.

The vibrations of an ultrasonic or sonic toothbrush are gentle. If your post and crown are cemented properly, the toothbrush will not loosen them. But a loose dental crown is a problem. Schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. He or she will remove your new crown and determine why it is loose.

You received your crowns in May—so they are not old or worn and should not be loose. It seems that something went wrong in the cementing process, and your dentist must stabilize your crown to prevent damage to it, your bite, and other teeth.

If your dentist can’t resolve the issue, schedule a second opinion with an advanced cosmetic dentist with training in occlusion and bite. Hopefully, it will not be long before you can enjoy your brighter smile and new crowns.

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Need an affordable dentist for new crowns for my front teeth

Normally I wouldn’t be asking for an affordable dentist to get crowns on my front teeth. The problem is that my crowns are fairly new. I got them in 2015. I went to a cosmetic dentist who showed me lots of pictures and really seemed to know what he was doing. The problems started when I tried in the temporary crowns and they looked too big. Maybe too thick is the correct word. They clearly sit too far forward from my natural teeth. My natural teeth aren’t that thick at all. The dentist bonded on the crowns without me knowing that it was permanent. This makes the crowns almost look like buck teeth. They uncomfortably touch the back of my lips and my profile in pictures is different than it used to be. My lips poke out slightly. People who didn’t know me before I got the crowns probably can’t tell unless they really look at my smile. My friends who knew my smile before notice that something is different. I don’t get into the subject of getting new crowns and they ended up thicker than the dentist and I agreed on. It goes without saying that this dentist isn’t going to replace my crowns. I don’t trust him. I want to replace the crowns. My dental insurance isn’t going to provide benefits for them because they crowns are barely 2 yrs old. So that brings be to the question of how can I find an affordable dentist to replace the crowns on my front teeth? Thanks for your help. Camila

Camila – We sympathize with your disappointment in your crowns. It’s clear that the dentist you visited was a cosmetic dentist in name only. We also understand your desire to find an affordable dentist to restore your smile since you won’t receive insurance benefits. Still, insist on an experienced cosmetic dentist to replace your crowns. There are several reasons why.

  • Care must be taken to remove the existing crowns. If your crowns were bonded to your natural teeth, they must be carefully removed. A cosmetic dentist will use diamond burs to carefully grind the crowns away from your natural teeth without damaging your teeth. Aggressive removal can cause serious damage your natural teeth.
  • Precision is required to match your natural teeth. The dentist who originally placed your crowns either isn’t interested in precision or doesn’t know how to achieve it. A trained cosmetic dentist is an artist who is usually more concerned about symmetry and aesthetics than his or her patients. Your crowns can perfectly match your natural teeth.
  • A great cosmetic dentist is also a great communicator. You have the right to be told when a restoration is bonded to your teeth. Your new dentist will ensure that the crowns are exactly what you want before they are bonded. You should insist on approving the look and feel of your smile before crowns are bonded to your teeth.

How to Find an Affordable Dentist

  • Make quality—not cost—your priority. Find several experienced cosmetic dentists in your area. Ask friends or family members for recommendations.
  • Check each dentist’s website for his or her training and credentials.  A dentist should be serious about continuing education to stay current with the latest tools and techniques that will give you a winning smile.
  • On each cosmetic dentist’s website, look for before-and-after photos of actual patients who have received crowns from the dentist. Otherwise, ask to see photos during a consultation.
  • Schedule consultations with at least two dentists to discuss your options and the cost.
  • Ask each affordable dentist how he or she can work with your budget to replace your crowns. Don’t insist on a bargain. “Affordable” can mean that you will be able to pay for services through a payment plan or financing.

If you are uneasy about any dentist’s ability or chairside manner, move on to the next affordable dentist. Best wishes!

This post is sponsored by Plano, TX dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.