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How do I stop a toothache without going to a dentist?

My tooth has been hurting for over a week. How do I stop it from aching without going to the dentist? Victor

Victor – Whether or not you can stop the toothache depends on the cause of the toothache. Sometimes food trapped between your tooth and gums can cause a toothache. Try thoroughly flossing around the tooth and between the tooth and your gums. If you find that food debris was trapped there, you may get relief from your toothache.

If you don’t get relief, you will need to see a dentist to have your tooth examined. You may have a cavity in your tooth that needs to be filled, or your tooth might be infected, in which case a root canal treatment will be needed to remove the infection. Don’t worry though. A root canal treatment can be a painless procedure.

You may get temporary relief with over-the-counter topical toothache pain reliever. Look for a brand that has an American Dental Association seal of approval, such as Benzodent®.  Keep in mind that an over-the-counter product is no substitute for a dental appointment. An examination and x-ray will determine the cause of your pain, and your dentist will let you know your treatment options.

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Horrible tooth pain for over a month

The pain in one of my upper right molars has been getting progressively worse. I started feeling small spikes of pain in February but for the past month, the pain has been horrible. My dentist examined the tooth and did an x-ray but she says the tooth looks fine, and there is no cavity in it.. I am taking pain killer every six hours just to keep from being miserable. She told me to schedule an appointment if the pain is not better by the middle of next month. Really? Should I have to keep popping pain pills every day just because she doesn’t know what’s causing the problem? Is there any way to find out what’s going on with my tooth? Thank you. Gina

Gina – Your concerns are very understandable. When you have ongoing tooth pain, there are various possible causes. In part, identifying the pain depends on specifics of when you feel the pain and the type of pain you feel. Some examples are below.

  • Lingering pain with hot or cold foods and drinks – The pulp of your tooth is likely damaged by decay, or by trauma to your tooth.
  • Dull ache in upper teeth, accompanied by jaw pain – A sinus headache, teeth grinding, or TMJ disorder can cause this type of pain.
  • Brief sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks – This can be a beginning sign of tooth decay.
  • Sharp pain when biting food – A loose filling, tooth decay, or pulp tissue damage may be the cause.
  • Severe constant pain, along with gum sensitivity or swelling – These symptoms are likely caused by an abscessed tooth.

In addition to dental causes, constant pain in the teeth or jaws can be signs of certain medical conditions.

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with another dentist to receive a second opinion on your tooth. If there are no apparent dental problems, you should consider visiting your primary care physician for further exams and tests.

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Best medicine for my toothache?

For the past 6 months or so I got a horrible toothache every 2 or 3 weeks. I would hurt so bad for about 10 minutes then it go away. Within the past 2 months it’s more frequent. Now I think I need to take something for it. What’s better ibuprofen, aspirin, or something else? – Amber

Amber – We recommend that you see a dentist to identify the cause of the toothache. The dentist will recommend the correct treatment to eliminate the pain.

Sometimes people choose to self-medicate a toothache with pain reliever. But when you have a persistent toothache, the likely cause is a tooth infection. Pan reliever may help with the pain, but it won’t eliminate the tooth infection, which can make you very sick.

A tooth infection may spread into your jawbone. It can cause fever, earaches, headaches, and it can even spread to your brain.

Sometimes injury, problems with your ears, or sinus problems can cause tooth pain.

Don’t cover up your toothache with pain killers. See a dentist for an examination.

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Can a dentist tell if my tooth is making my ear hurt?

Can a dentist tell if my tooth is making my ear hurt or do I need to see a regular doctor? – Janae

Janae – Pain in your tooth or jaw can refer into your ear. If you have a toothache, sensitivity in your tooth, or if there is swelling in the gums around your tooth, you should see a dentist. The toothache may be causing pain in your ear.

If there is no indication of a problem with your tooth, you may choose to see your medical doctor first.

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