Why can’t I get nitrous oxide for dental cleanings?

No one in my dentist’s office has actually laughed at me, but they really make me feel like I am exaggerating when I say that I need nitrous oxide for my dental cleanings. I have tried to get the cleanings without it and it is way too traumatic. Is it unreasonable for me to ask for nitrous for my cleanings? – Luca

Luca – If you are very nervous about dental cleanings, it is more important for you to have nitrous oxide during your cleanings than to avoid the dentist.

One option is to schedule an appointment with your dentist just to explain the level of your fear. If he or she listens and cooperates, fine. Otherwise, you can schedule consultations with other dentists. You can get recommendations from acquaintances or family members.

Dental phobia is real. Millions of Americans have it. You will be able to find a dentist who is both gentle and willing to give you nitrous oxide before your cleanings. The goal is to help you maintain good oral health.

Consider whether or not the emotional stress is worth remaining with a dentist who doesn’t respect your wishes.

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Free teeth whitening turned my teeth greenish gray

I got free teeth whitening as a complimentary gift for an unrelated purchase on an internet site. I should have known better but I always wanted my teeth whitened. I am not sure what was in the stuff but my teeth are a greenish gray. They are not dark greenish gray, but the change in color is noticeable. I am terrified about what will happen to my teeth, but also embarrassed to tell my dentist what I did because we spoke about teeth whitening several times in the past. Can this be reversed? W.L.

W.L. – Your teeth need to be examined by a dentist to determine if the color can be removed from them. It is possible that professional-strength bleaching gel from a dentist can restore your teeth. But be certain to only receive the whitening from a dentist.

When you receive online free teeth whitening products, you can’t be certain of the contents of the “whitening gel.” Not only can it discolor your teeth, depending on the contents, it may damage your tooth enamel. We can’t say what you received, though. If you still have the gel, you can take it or send it to a lab to be tested.

Only free whitening gel from a dentist should be trusted. Your dentist will recommend the appropriate treatment for your teeth—whether it’s whitening them or some other cosmetic treatment.

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Looking for free or very low cost dental treatment

This is not for me. I have dental insurance. I recently met a woman at a place where I volunteer who is in desperate need of dental care. She only has part-time work and she has no dental insurance. I am wondering where to look to help her find free dental treatment in Plano. Justyce

Justyce – Your sincere concern for someone else’s oral health is commendable. There are dental clinics in the area who offer discounted, and in some cases, free services.  A dental school is another option.

And you may be surprised at how many local dentists may be willing to help. Make a few calls, explain the situation, and you may find a good response. Verification from the organization for which you volunteer may be required. If you cannot find any free care, you will be able to find a dentist who can make treatment affordable for your acquaintance.

This post is sponsored by Plano, TX dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.