Will the superglue hold on my Invisalign?

I have Invisalign. This is the 3rd time that I either lost or cracked a set. I don’t want to tell my mom what happened or how it happened this time. I just want to fix it myself. Will superglue hold them together and still work with all of the saliva in my mouth? – Shayne

Shayne – Super glue is not for use in your mouth. You need a new Invisalign® aligner, and you should not switch in advance to the next set of aligners.

Tell your mom what happened so that you can see your dentist and get new aligners. It is best to get new aligners so that your treatment can continue as planned. We are sure that your mother would prefer you to get replacement aligners that to interrupt and prolong your treatment, or for you to experience bad effects from having super glue in your mouth.

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Dentist problems – help

I went to the dentist last week for a chipped tooth. I made an appointment. My appointment was not cleaning and exam time. I made the appointment specifically for the chipped tooth. My dentist looked at the tooth and all he said was that I should come back in 3 weeks. He didn’t tell me what he would or could do about it. Just reschedule. I was somewhat surprised because this is my regular dentist who I have been seeing for the past 8 years. Why do I have to wait 3 weeks and walk around with a chipped tooth?  Why would this happen? – Tonya

Tonya – Your dentist didn’t explain the reason for the delay in restoring your teeth, so we can’t speculate on why he responded that way.

But you do have choices. You can call your dentist’s office to ask why you were rescheduled for three weeks later.

You can also choose to visit another dentist.  Find a skilled cosmetic dentist to examine your tooth and recommend treatment for it. Cosmetic dentistry restores chipped teeth and can look natural if it’s done by an experienced cosmetic dentist. You may be able to have your tooth restored by a cosmetic dentist much faster than your next appointment with your usual dentist.

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Stinky teeth and headaches. Need to find cheapest dentist in town. Not a dental school please!

How can I find the cheapest dentist around my town without calling every office? I have at least 3 teeth that I know are rotten. They stink and give me headaches and they make my breath stink too. I need to cover them up withcaps and I have only a little dental insurance so I don’t want Lexus caps more like Ford Fiesta caps. Help please. L.Z.

L.Z. – You can get the treatment you need by finding a dentist who offers payment plans or financing to make your treatment affordable.

You can either ask friends and family members for recommendations, or you can find dentists by searching on the Internet for one who will give you natural-looking dental crowns, or caps, and who offers payment plans.

If it’s within your budget, consider having the work done in phases so that you can afford quality crowns that will look natural and last. If you receive inferior crowns, it may be that they will need to be replaced sooner than your budget allows.

Phasing the work and taking advantage of payment plans or financing will give you a long-lasting restoration for your teeth and be easy on your budget.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.