Can I sedate myself with Xanax before my dentist’s appointment?

I am funny about putting prescription medication in my body. I already have several meds that I have to take and I don’t want to add another one just for dental appointments. I need some extensive work done and I don’t want the anti-anxiety med from the dentist. The work will probably take several appointments. I moved here from MD and my previous dentist recommended sedation to get all the work done. Xanax works great for me and makes me relax, so I just want to take a pill before my appointment. Same diff right? Do you think I can find a dentist who will let me take my own sedation meds? – Jovana

Jovana – We recommend that you first find a few sedation dentists with whom you can have consultation. If you are not able to receive recommendations from friends or family, do some research on the Internet to find several sedation dentists. Find out how long each dentist has been practicing sedation and what forms are offered.

Explain your concerns and anxiety. Also let the dentist know that you want to take Xanax before your appointment, and why you prefer to use your own medication. You will be able find a dentist with whom you are comfortable and can work out agreeable arrangements for your sedation and your dental treatment.

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Looking for free teeth whitening with low or free shipping

Can you tell me where I can get free teeth whitening with low or free shipping costs? I have found several places to get it but the shipping is $15 and up. I figure that I am paying for the whitening with the shipping costs. Do you know of any good kits with low shipping that really work?

Kasey – Based on the feedback we have received, free teeth whitening kits don’t yield good results—unless you receive them from a dentist. After paying high shipping costs, many people are disappointed because the “bleaching gel” they received just doesn’t work. Some even discover that they didn’t receive bleaching gel at all.

There are dentists who offer free whitening to patients who maintain their regularly scheduled cleaning appointments. Some offer free bleaching gel for life after your initial whitening treatment. Still others offer discounted whitening.

If you want to safely and effectively whiten your teeth, check with a few dentists and ask about special offers for whitening. You can also inquire about how brightening your smile can be made affordable for you.

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How to stop gums from bleeding when I can’t afford a dentist

My gums bleed every time I brush my teeth. I haven’t been to a dentist since I lost my dental insurance in 2012. If there something natural I can use to stop my gums from bleeding. Thanks KE

KE – Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to stop your gums from bleeding. Your gums are inflamed from infection that will only get worse if a dentist doesn’t intervene.

Gingivitis, or inflammation of your gums, leads to periodontal (gum) disease. Progressive gum disease causes tooth roots to weaken, and teeth become loose.

Although you don’t have dental insurance, schedule an appointment with a dentist. Explain your financial situation and ask about payment plans or other arrangements that will make treatment affordable for you.

Treatment involves several deep cleanings to remove the bacteria between your teeth and gums. Your gums and teeth can be restored back to health. From that point, regularly flossing and brushing your teeth will prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth that lead to gum disease. Schedule an appointment right away.

This post is sponsored by Plano, TX dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.