Only had porcelain veneers 9 months and 3 of them are loose

I got porcelain veneers in November 2013. Everything seemed to be going okay with them until last month. I thought my teeth were shifting but it’s my porcelain veneers that are loose. I can feel movement in 3 veneers when I eat, and I can wiggle them a bit with my finger. I haven’t touched them again for fear that they will fall off and expose my shaved down teeth. There is no way I am going back to the dentist who gave me the veneers. Can you tell me why the veneers might be loose and what needs to be done about it? – Aida

Aida – Loose porcelain veneers are most often a result of improper bonding techniques on the part of the dentist.

The bond between your natural tooth and the veneer is critical in giving the veneers a natural appearance, but also in their function and durability. Proper application and curing of the bonding material so that it will harden ensure a secure fit.

We suggest that you visit an experienced cosmetic dentist for an examination. The dentist will determine the cause of the loose veneers. Your veneers will need to be removed, cleaned, and properly rebonded. Your remaining veneers will also be checked to determine if they are secure or if they also need to be rebonded.

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Is it too late to get dental implants if my teeth are shifting again?

I wore braces for 3 years. After treatment, my orthodontist advised me to get 2 dental implants to fill in spaces and replace 2 teeth. That was almost 2 years ago and I never got the implants. I wear a retainer every night but I can tell that still my teeth are drifting into the empty space. Is it too late to get dental implants? – Mira

Mira – You received a good start for getting dental implants. Orthodontic treatment should be completed before dental implants are placed. Dental implants don’t move, so if they are placed first, the success of orthodontic treatment may be limited. Dental implants can prevent teeth from moving to the correct position during orthodontic treatment.

You should schedule an appointment with an implant dentist and have an examination. An examination and diagnostic studies will reveal whether or not there is enough space for dental implants or if orthodontic treatment is needed to make room for implants.

How long the orthodontic treatment will take and the type of treatment needed depends upon the amount of space that needs to be created.

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Need affordable options to replace 2 teeth

I have 2 lower teeth missing. The spaces are embarrassing. I to have a dentist fix my teeth but I don’t want to go into debt trying to do it. I just want to get a feel for what my options are before a dentist tries to sell me something I don’t need or can’t afford. Thank you. Lynn

Lynn – The least expensive way to replace a missing tooth is with a partial denture. An acrylic tooth that is bonded to a gum colored base is used. You can receive metal clasps to wrap around the adjacent teeth to keep the partial denture in place. A partial denture is removable.

The next option is a dental bridge. Each tooth on either side of the missing one is shaved enough to so that a dental crown will fit over it. The replacement tooth is suspended between the two crowns.

The most effective option, and also the most expensive option, is a dental implant. A titanium stem is surgically implanted in your jawbone, and when your gum heals around the jawbone, a crown is secured to it.

Depending on how well you take care of it, a partial denture can last several years and a dental bridge can last five to ten years. Although a dental implant costs more, it will last a lifetime.

Discuss your options with a dentist who is trained in cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic dentist will give you the most natural-looking results possible, based on which treatment you choose. He or she will let you know how replacing your teeth can be made affordable for you.

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