Can my sister and me share Invisalign?

Both me and my sister have gaps between our teeth. Mine are a little more crooked than hers. She is 16 and I will be 18 next month. Our mom said we can get Invisalign but since we both have jobs we have to help pay for it. We are wondering if we can share Invisalign. If I start on it first then give the trays to her whenever I am finished with a set. That way both of our teeth will get straight for the price of one. Is this possible? thanks – Lillie

Lillie – You and your sister are not able to share Invisalign® aligners. The aligners are custom made for each person.

The aligners are made based on the shape and current position of your teeth, and the precise positions to which your teeth need to move to get them perfectly aligned. The required movement of your teeth will be different from your sister’s.

Your aligners will not fit your sister’s teeth and vice versa. Trying to make your aligners fit on someone else’s teeth will do more harm than good. Your dentist will have separate treatment plans and separate Invisalign aligners for you and your sister.

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Huge S&H charges from free teeth whitening scam

I got several pop-up ads for free teeth whitening on web pages I was viewing. The ad said that I only need to pay shipping and handling so I ordered it. I never received free teeth whitening, but I did receive three charges on my credit card for the shipping and handling – $24.99 for each charge! Now I am working with my credit card company to get the charges removed. Do you know of any legitimate places where I can get free teeth whitening? – Jan

Jan – We are sorry to hear about your costly experience. There are many scams for free teeth whitening. Often, if you do receive the product, it doesn’t work well, if it works at all.

Believe it or not, many dentists offer free teeth whitening. Dr. Lacy offers free take-home whitening treatment to patients who remain current with their exams and cleanings. If the teeth whitening from your didn’t isn’t free, he or she may offer specials or work out a plan with you to make it affordable for you.

Let your dentist know that you want to whiten your smile. He or she will let you know your payment options.

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Ripped off by mobile dentist

I saw an ad for a mobile dentist. It looked legit so I scheduled an appointment. There are certain spots that the mobile van is supposed to be on certain days so I went. I figured this was good and convenient for me and I don’t like sitting around in dentists office any way. So the setup wasn’t really as good as a dental office but I figured it’s a van so I shouldn’t expect the same thing. Any way the guy started cleaning my teeth and cut my gums twice.I should have left but I didn’t. Then after my teeth were cleaned and polished he told me that I needed four fillings and to schedule another appointment but he needed 20% down. I didn’t give cash but I put the 20% on my credit card. I know dumb me. Any way I just saw on the news that the guy is a scam and I have to get my credit card company to see if I can get my money back. If they can find him. Just wanted to let people out there to know to beware. D.C.

D.C. – Thank you for sharing your experience. There is a lesson for all to learn. The legitimacy of a business—particularly mobile healthcare—needs to be verified in advance.

You are like many people who don’t like going to the dentist. But not all dentists are alike. Many dentists have created an office environment and a dental experience with patients like you in mind. The next time you need an appointment, look for websites that feature gentle dentistry. Take time to look at patient reviews to find out what you can expect from the dentist and his or her team.

We are certain that you can find a positive dental experience if you take a little time to find the best dentist for you.

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Can you just take antibiotics for a toothache?

We get this question from time to time – people have a toothache and they want to avoid the root canal treatment but still save the tooth. It sounds logical – the tooth is infected, so just take antibiotics.

The problem with this approach is that the source of the infection is dead tissue inside the tooth. Since there is no blood circulation there, the antibiotics can’t reach the source, so they can never fully heal the infection. What they will do, instead, is kill off some of the bacteria, leaving some that tend to be antibiotic-resistant. When the infection comes back, as it always does, it will be more virulent than before since you have helped cultivate antibiotic-resistant strains of the infection.

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