Accidentally dropped upper Invisalign in my bird’s cage

I have 2 pet parrots. I was goofing around in the den and teasing the birds and taking my Invisalign on and off my teeth. I know I shouldn’t have been doing it because they should stay on unless I’m eating or I am cleaning my teeth. It was funny how the birds were looking at me when I took the aligners off. Any way I was laughing and dangling the top aligner over the cage and one of the birds startled me and I dropped the aligner in the bird cage. It was too gross in the cage for me to ever get them clean enough to put them back in my mouth. I just can’t do it. I was only 3 days into these aligners. Can I put the new set on early? – M.T.

M.T. – You should not put the new set of Invisalign on early. Call your dentist for a replacement set. If you have the former set of aligners, you can wear them for now. Your next set of aligners is based on the new position of your teeth that would result from the set that you dropped.

Premature placement will interfere with your treatment plan. Call your dentist immediately.

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