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Why can’t I get nitrous oxide for dental cleanings?

No one in my dentist’s office has actually laughed at me, but they really make me feel like I am exaggerating when I say that I need nitrous oxide for my dental cleanings. I have tried to get the cleanings without it and it is way too traumatic. Is it unreasonable for me to ask for nitrous for my cleanings? – Luca

Luca – If you are very nervous about dental cleanings, it is more important for you to have nitrous oxide during your cleanings than to avoid the dentist.

One option is to schedule an appointment with your dentist just to explain the level of your fear. If he or she listens and cooperates, fine. Otherwise, you can schedule consultations with other dentists. You can get recommendations from acquaintances or family members.

Dental phobia is real. Millions of Americans have it. You will be able to find a dentist who is both gentle and willing to give you nitrous oxide before your cleanings. The goal is to help you maintain good oral health.

Consider whether or not the emotional stress is worth remaining with a dentist who doesn’t respect your wishes.

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Dentist refuses to sedate me for 3 fillings

I am a dental phobic. My dentist in Austin understood that and I had no problems getting sedation from her. Now I have a new dentist who tells me I have 3 cavities and refuses to give me sedation. He says that he is gentle and I won’t feel a thing, so no sedation is required. How can I convince him to sedate me before drilling out the cavities? Thanks Clayton

Clayton – You may not be able to convince your dentist to provide you with sedation for your cavities, but you can schedule an appointment to explain your fear to him. If you are not successful, consider seeing another dentist who will provide you the sedation needed to restore your teeth.

There are different levels of sedation, including nitrous oxide, conscious oral sedation, and IV sedation. Many patients successfully receive treatment with nitrous oxide, also called “laughing gas.” It relaxes them enough to have a productive appointment.

For patients that need a higher level of sedation, conscious oral sedation is mild anti-anxiety medication that will make you relaxed and sleepy throughout your dental appointment. It is taken an hour in advance of the appointment. You need to arrange transportation to the appointment. When you arrive, you will be relaxed and ready for treatment. IV sedation is the highest level of sedation.

When you choose a sedation dentist, ask him or her about training and experience in sedation, the levels of sedation offered, and the results you can expect.

Maintaining good oral health is made easier with sedation. You can find a dentist who will respect your anxiety and work to alleviate it to preserve and restore your teeth.

This post is sponsored by Plano, TX dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.