Can I use wine for sedation before my dentist’s appointment?

I don’t like artificial things in my body so sedation dentistry isn’t my first choice to help me relax. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages often so when I do they relax me and I usually sleep until the next morning, but I’m not drunk. I am wondering if wine is a good option to help me relax at the dentist. I would drink it maybe 15 minutes before I leave for my appointment. I would have my sister or a friend drive me to the dental appointment. I can arrive very relaxed and sleepy and get through the dental appointment without something artificial being used unnecessarily. Is this something a dentist would agree to? Thanks Leigh

Leigh – Although you want to relax during your dental appointment, you also should be able to respond to the dentist’s instructions and questions during that time. It sounds like alcohol would make you sleep through the entire procedure.

Sedation dentistry helps you relax. If your dentist has an important question for you, you would be able to respond. The medication you would receive is commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medication. It won’t knock you out cold. Only a small amount of the medication is given, so your system won’t be overloaded with an artificial substance. During the procedure, your vital signs are monitored and safety precautions are taken.

Speak with a sedation dentist about your concerns. You might be able to take something natural to help you relax before your appointment, but wine or other alcoholic beverages won’t be the preferred method.

If your current dentist offers sedation, ask what he or she uses to help people relax. Sometimes nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is all that’s needed. If you need a higher level of sedation, you and your dentist can discuss an agreeable method.

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