Can I take Benadryl to make me sleepy before I go to the dentist?

For the average person getting cavities filled might not be a problem, but it’s a problem for me. I need something to sedate me or relax me before my dentist’s appointment. I have never had cavities before, and I hate going to even the nicest, most gentle dentist. Now I have 2 cavities that need to be filled. I am going with composite and I know that takes longer than silver fillings. My question is can I take maybe a Benadryl or something for the fillings even though it’s a simple and quick procedure? Will Benadryl affect anything the dentist will do or put in my mouth? I got a suggestion to drink alcohol before the appointment but that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. What is something safe for me to take before the dental appointment? Manuel

Manuel – Yes, you can be sedated for the simplest of dental procedures. But you shouldn’t try to sedate yourself with Benadryl, alcohol, or by any other means. If you are anxious or nervous, a sedation dentist prefers that you be relaxed before your appointment. If you can’t relax, the dental treatment and your visit won’t be productive. But leave the sedation to your dentist.

A sedation dentist uses nitrous oxide (also referred to as laughing gas), conscious oral sedation (mild, anti-anxiety medication), or IV sedation to help you relax during a dental procedure. The levels of sedation offered varies with the dentist and his or her training. All are common, safe means of helping patients relax.

Many patients cancel dental appointments because of their anxiety. Some patients actually refer to themselves as dental cowards or dental phobic. Speak with your dentist about your concerns and your desire for sedation. If he or she doesn’t offer a level of sedation adequate for your needs, you can consider finding a dentist who does.

Your comfort level with a dentist can contribute to or decrease some of your anxiety. If you need to find a dentist who practices sedation, we suggest that you schedule a consultation first to ensure you are comfortable with the office environment, staff members, and dentist.

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