Need to find a dentist with reasonable prices

My adult niece just got approved for SSDI. She has never been able to work a job that provided enough hours for her to get dental insurance. She hasn’t been to a good dentist since 2012! I took her to a dental clinic but the service was so bad and she was treated so rudely that we had to leave before her dental cleaning was over. She still needs some significant dental work completed. I don’t want the solution to be to simply pull her decayed teeth. I really want them fixed. She already has some serious self-esteem issues, so the solution isn’t to pull teeth. I am working on getting her dental coverage but this is a very slow process. I am afraid that she will get a tooth infection if I don’t do something soon. There is a very strong odor on her breath. What should I do to find a dentist with reasonable prices? I will pay out of pocket if I have to. Thank you Eva


Eva – We compliment you for taking care of your sister and being so concerned about her oral health. The oral health of people who need public assistance is often neglected. Your proactive approach will really help your sister in the long term.

Most often, government programs provide limited benefits for dental treatment. Dental cleanings are often covered, but teeth are often extracted rather than restored. Speak with your sister’s case worker or social worker to find out what dental coverage is available. The dental insurance provider can provide with more information on plan provisions.

If you want to get dental treatment right away, consider your own dentist as a start. Explain the situation and your willingness to pay for your sister’s dental care. Your dentist may be willing to provide you with a payment plan or financing. If your dentist isn’t able to help, call a few dentists, including those who accept Medicare patients. Check for reviews of each dentist to ensure your sister will get quality care. Don’t be afraid to switch dentist’s if things don’t turn out well.

Also, you may be able to find inexpensive dental coverage for basic dental care for your sister. Even if you are only able to get limited insurance, some coverage will help you pay for the costs.

We wish you the best outcome possible.

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