Can I get sedation dentistry when I get my teeth whitened?

I’ve been putting off getting my teeth whitened because of the pain. I have two friends that got their teeth whitened and both of them said that it hurt. I am wondering if I can find a dentist who does sleep dentistry with teeth whitening. Thanks. Ethan

Ethan– Sedation dentistry, often referred to as sleep dentistry, is used during restorative dentistry. When you receive procedures such as a root canal treatment or a dental crown, sedation may be administered.

Generally, the process of whitening your teeth is not painful. The sensitivity in your teeth is felt after the whitening process, so sedation dentistry won’t help. Most of the sensitivity in your teeth is felt 24 to 48 hours after the whitening treatment. But if you need help relaxing, your dentist will provide some form of sedation to help.

Did your friends receive teeth whitening from a dentist, or did they use a do-it-yourself kit? There are several factors about teeth whitening that, when completed at home, can create sensitivity in your teeth.

You can have a consultation with a dentist for teeth whitening. Let him or her know your concerns about sensitivity in your teeth after whitening. A dentist can prescribe heavily fluoridated mouthwash or toothpaste that you can use for a period in advance of your appointment. It will help reduce the sensitivity after whitening.

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