Can my sister and me share Invisalign?

Both me and my sister have gaps between our teeth. Mine are a little more crooked than hers. She is 16 and I will be 18 next month. Our mom said we can get Invisalign but since we both have jobs we have to help pay for it. We are wondering if we can share Invisalign. If I start on it first then give the trays to her whenever I am finished with a set. That way both of our teeth will get straight for the price of one. Is this possible? thanks – Lillie

Lillie – You and your sister are not able to share Invisalign® aligners. The aligners are custom made for each person.

The aligners are made based on the shape and current position of your teeth, and the precise positions to which your teeth need to move to get them perfectly aligned. The required movement of your teeth will be different from your sister’s.

Your aligners will not fit your sister’s teeth and vice versa. Trying to make your aligners fit on someone else’s teeth will do more harm than good. Your dentist will have separate treatment plans and separate Invisalign aligners for you and your sister.

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