Huge S&H charges from free teeth whitening scam

I got several pop-up ads for free teeth whitening on web pages I was viewing. The ad said that I only need to pay shipping and handling so I ordered it. I never received free teeth whitening, but I did receive three charges on my credit card for the shipping and handling – $24.99 for each charge! Now I am working with my credit card company to get the charges removed. Do you know of any legitimate places where I can get free teeth whitening? – Jan

Jan – We are sorry to hear about your costly experience. There are many scams for free teeth whitening. Often, if you do receive the product, it doesn’t work well, if it works at all.

Believe it or not, many dentists offer free teeth whitening. Dr. Lacy offers free take-home whitening treatment to patients who remain current with their exams and cleanings. If the teeth whitening from your didn’t isn’t free, he or she may offer specials or work out a plan with you to make it affordable for you.

Let your dentist know that you want to whiten your smile. He or she will let you know your payment options.

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