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I am still nervous after nitrous oxide at the dentist

Am I a candidate for sedation dentistry? I have a really embarrassing fear of the dentist. My current dentist is really nice but every time I have to go I get so nervous I shake and I am sometimes literally sick. I’m afraid I’m going to need a cavity filled or something. My dentist before wasn’t that nice. When I leave this dentist everything is fine but when it’s time for the next appointment I start freaking out again. They say it gets better every time you go. But it hasn’t for me. Any tips? I have another apt in 2 weeks and I want to prepare myself for a better visit. I am asking about sedation because my dentist only uses nitrous and it doesn’t help at all. I am still nervous after I receive it. Thanks Brendon

Brendon – Bad dental experiences are a source of fear and anxiety for many patients. It is good that you have found a gentle dentist. You may be a candidate for a higher level of sedation dentistry. Your medical history will need to be reviewed first.

To start, tell your new dentist about your fear and the reason for it. He or she will pay extra attention to the things that make you particularly nervous. Sometimes, a more thorough explanation of the procedure, and what to expect during and afterward will calm you.

You can take an I-pod and listen to music to distract you from the dental procedure. Or, some dentists have televisions in the treatment room.

If you are very anxious, you may need a dentist who uses higher levels of sedation than nitrous oxide, such as as a small amount of anti-anxiety medication that you take in advance, or IV sedation. Dentists vary in the type of sedation dentistry they offer. Not all dentists provide sedation for their patients.

Sedation dentistry completely relaxes you so that your dentist can complete your treatment while you are free of anxiety.

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