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Will sedation help me get all my teeth fixed in one appointment?

I was without dental insurance for 5 years. During that time all I could afford to do was get my teeth cleaned once a year. Before my insurance ended I had major problems with my teeth. So the crowns and fillings she recommended were put on hold. Now I have some major cavities. I am guessing that I will need at least 3 caps on my teeth. One of the teeth is starting to hurt so I hope it doesn’t need a root canal. I am not a person who is usually afraid of the dentist but all the work I think that I will need is making me lean toward a sedation dentist. Just the number of teeth that need to be fixed is making me nervous. I am wondering if a sedation dentist will do all of this work in one appointment. If so it will be worth it for me to find a sedation dentist. Thanks Cheryl



It is good that you are already thinking about seeing a sedation dentist. The amount of work that needs to be completed on your teeth makes sedation appropriate. This treatment allows a dentist to accomplish as much as possible during a single visit.

In order to determine what dental treatment you really need and how much of it can be completed in a single visit, an examination and x-rays are required.

We suggest that you first find two or three experienced sedation dentists who are also cosmetic dentists. Schedule a consultation with each dentist. Find out what levels of sedation are offered and how the dentist determines which level of sedation is right for you.

An examination and x-rays will reveal whether you need root canal treatment and dental crowns. A cosmetic dentist will most likely select treatment options that preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible. At times, porcelain inlays or onlays are a more conservative way to treat teeth. This avoids the need to shave down the tooth structure to accommodate a dental crown.

During the consultation, ask about the forms of payment that are accepted in addition to your dental insurance. You will likely have out-of-pocket costs.

Choose a sedation dentist that you’re comfortable with. Ensure that you’re also comfortable with the staff and office environment. The right dentist will ensure your comfort and give you a beautiful smile.

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Nervous about getting crown on front tooth

2 years ago I injured my front left tooth in an accident. The tooth didn’t appear to be damaged, but it is slowly turning darker. My dentist has made several attempts to whiten the tooth and do a root canal treatment but the color is off and it’s becoming increasingly noticeable. He told me that I can get a crown for the tooth but that scares me. One of my best friends has two crowns on her front teeth and they look horrible. Are there any other options that I should consider? Thanks. Doris

Doris – The look of a dental crown on any tooth depends on the skill and artistic talent of the dentist who provides it.

A cosmetic dentist who has skill in restoring teeth, along with an artistic approach, will ensure that your crown looks completely natural in every way. The crown will match the color and characteristics of your natural teeth so that people won’t be able to distinguish it from your natural teeth.

Find a few cosmetic dentists in your area. Ask to see pictures of completed work, including crowns. You can also ask questions about your concerns to help build your confidence in the dentist that you select for your crown. When you select an experienced cosmetic dentist, the results will be beautiful.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.