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Does free teeth whitening last as the whitening you have to pay for?

Does free teeth whitening last as long as other kinds of teeth whitening? I got a pack of free teeth whitening that looks like it might be a year’s supply. Will it last long enough for me to use it every week for a year or will it go bad and damage my teeth or do nothing at all. Do I need to use more of it than the usual whitening that you might get from a dentist? Thanks. Dolly

Dolly – You didn’t mention the source of your whitening gel. Depending on its origin, it might not work at all, or it might damage your teeth.

Carbamide peroxide is the whitening ingredient in bleaching gel that dentists use. Does the free teeth-whitening gel you received contain carbamide peroxide? Other whitening agents might not work as well. Carefully, examine the contents listed on the package before you use the gel. Also, examine the packing for an expiration date. That will help you determine how long the gel is expected to last.

Before you use any type of whitening gel, be sure that your teeth are clean and free of cavities and your gums are free of disease. Otherwise the teeth whitening process can be a big irritant.

Also, teeth whitening gel should be used as directed. Only keep the gel in contact with your teeth for the time directed on the packaging. Be certain to use custom bleaching trays. They will keep the gel sealed against your teeth and away from your gums. Don’t overdo it. You should not whiten your teeth every week for a year. If it’s overused, the bleaching gel can weaken your teeth and make them brittle. Some people who whiten their teeth too much find that their teeth are becoming darker—not water.

We suggest that you use caution and ask your dentist to examine your teeth and determine if any type of teeth whitening is safe for you to use. You might even ask your dentist to look at the free teeth-whitening gel before you use it—just to be sure that the ingredients are safe. If not, your dentist can provide you with a safe means of brightening your smile.

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