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Which is more affordable? Porcelain veneers or dental bonding for peg laterals?

I know porcelain veneers are not cheap, but I also read that applying dental bonding takes a lot of time for cosmetic dentists to do and it can be expensive. I have 2 peg laterals and want to know which is more affordable and which I should really get. Thanks. Pam

Pam – Dental bonding is more affordable than porcelain veneers. But what you really need to know is what treatment is best for your case.

An examination and diagnostic studies from an experienced cosmetic dentist will help determine your options. The least expensive option may not give you the best, longest-lasting results. It may wear with time and need to be replaced.

Teeth can be widened and lengthened with cosmetic bonding. This technique requires skill, experience, and artistic talent on the part of a cosmetic dentist. It can be completed in one visit. Quality dental bonding can last ten years or more if it is properly maintained. Bonding stains and discolors faster than porcelain veneers and crowns. It will need to be polished periodically and replaced occasionally.

Porcelain crowns cover the entire tooth surface from the gumline to the biting surface. Porcelain can be mixed and manipulated to reflect the color, characteristics, and translucency of natural teeth. A cosmetic dentist along with his or her master ceramist can produce beautiful results.

Porcelain veneers are bonded to the front of teeth. Light preparation of the teeth may be required to prevent the veneers from looking bulky or too large. Veneers can last 15 to 20 years or longer. They are stain resistant.

Schedule an appointment with an experienced cosmetic to discuss your options. If you want to proceed with treatment, an exam and x-rays will be required to assess the condition of your teeth and the preferred treatment options.

Your cosmetic dentist will discuss how the treatment you choose can be made affordable for you.

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How can I find a more affordable rate for dental care?

I need a few crowns and some other dental work and I got a quote that is almost $2000 dollars. This is not reasonable to me. How can I find a more affordable rate? Dean

Dean – You didn’t mention where you live, exactly how many crowns you need, and what other work needs to be completed, but the price you mentioned doesn’t necessary sound unreasonable, especially if it is being done by an expert cosmetic dentist.

Your location has an effect on the cost of dental care, just as the cost of food or gasoline varies from one part of the country to the next. If you want a second opinion, you can visit a cosmetic dentist for an exam and estimate.

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Stinky teeth and headaches. Need to find cheapest dentist in town. Not a dental school please!

How can I find the cheapest dentist around my town without calling every office? I have at least 3 teeth that I know are rotten. They stink and give me headaches and they make my breath stink too. I need to cover them up withcaps and I have only a little dental insurance so I don’t want Lexus caps more like Ford Fiesta caps. Help please. L.Z.

L.Z. – You can get the treatment you need by finding a dentist who offers payment plans or financing to make your treatment affordable.

You can either ask friends and family members for recommendations, or you can find dentists by searching on the Internet for one who will give you natural-looking dental crowns, or caps, and who offers payment plans.

If it’s within your budget, consider having the work done in phases so that you can afford quality crowns that will look natural and last. If you receive inferior crowns, it may be that they will need to be replaced sooner than your budget allows.

Phasing the work and taking advantage of payment plans or financing will give you a long-lasting restoration for your teeth and be easy on your budget.

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Looking for an affordable dentist

I need to have two crowns on my back, left molars. I have been looking online for an affordable dentist and I found your site but I live 6 hours from your office. How can I find one? – Lottie

Lottie – In the search box for your web browser, enter the name of your city and the words “affordable dentist” (example: Plano affordable dentist).

Include the name of your city and the word “dentist” in every search. Then include words such as “financing,” “payment plans,” or “no dental insurance.” You will be able to find a dentist who explains the options for your treatment, some of which may be more affordable for you. Or a dentist may be able to do your work in phases. Many dentists offer no-interest financing or payment plans.

If you don’t see the details for financial arrangements on a dentist’s website, call his or her office for more information. Be sure to find a dentist with cosmetic dentistry training. You get natural-looking results that will make the investment in your smell worthwhile. Best wishes on your search.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.