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Are free teeth whitening samples any good?

I have a question about free teeth whitening samples. There are so many at home whitening kits on the market, it’s hard to choose. A lot of the products I’m interested in have free whitening samples, which sounds like a great way to try out a product. My teeth are just yellow and have a few brown stains on them. I really want them to be a lot brighter. Can free whitening done at home be just as effective and safe as what you can get professionally from a dentist? Thanks Liana

Liana – The ability to whiten your teeth for free sounds good.  But when whitening products are not being monitored by a professional, there are several risks.

Even home whitening kits that are bought over the counter can be harmful if they are used incorrectly. Some of the risks with at home, DIY teeth whitening include:

  • Gum sensitivity – This is the most common. With a strong concentration of bleaching gel, if it is not applied properly, the process can cause burns to your soft tissue, or even cause irreversible gum recession.
  • Inadequate bleaching trays – Many teeth whitening kits require the use of bleaching trays, which helps contain the gel and prevent spillage. Unfortunately, if a dental professional is not supervising the procedure, it’s possible the trays won’t fit properly. Some of the gel may leak out onto your gums, mouth, or skin, and cause burns.
  • Low-quality bleaching gel – Depending on the chemicals used in the product, instant whitening kits can cause irreparable damage to tooth enamel.

Free whitening is best when offered and supervised by a dentist. There are several reasons:

  • Dentists are able to predict if the stains in your teeth can be dissolved by bleaching gel, or if the gel will make your stains noticeable.
  • A dentist can also provide the correct strength of bleaching gel, based on the sensitivity of your teeth.
  • Bleaching gel from a dentist doesn’t contain cheap products that will harm your teeth.
  • You’ll receive customized bleaching trays that fit well and keep the bleaching gel in contact with your teeth, but away from your gums and lips.

Speak with your dentist to find out what types of teeth whitening are offered and how it can be made affordable for you. Some dentists offer free teeth whitening to their patients.

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Is it okay to use free teeth whitening on my porcelain veneers?

Is it okay to use free teeth whitening on my porcelain veneers? I don’t want to put anything on them that could mess up the veneers. I smoke a lot and thought I would be able to stop smoking by now. This is the 3rd year I’ve had veneers and they are starting to pick up stains. Instead of paying to have my dentist whiten them I wonder if I can do it myself. I found a promotion for a free teeth whitening kit as a starter and I plan on cancelling the subscription before my credit card gets charged for an ongoing supply. Brooke


Your porcelain veneers can neither be whitened with free teeth whitening nor any other type of teeth whitening.

An Alternative to Teeth Whitening for Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are colorfast and bleaching them won’t remove the stains. They are also virtually stain resistant, but if they are getting stained by smoking, there are some things you should and should not do:

  • Avoid brushing your veneers with abrasive, whitening toothpaste. The toothpaste can crack the glaze on your veneers and cause them to stain more easily.
  • Only have your teeth cleaned by a dentist and dental hygienist who are specifically trained in caring for and cleaning porcelain veneers. There are dental tools specifically designed to be gentle on veneers and keep the glaze intact.
  • Keep your regularly scheduled appointments for dental cleanings and exams.
  • Ask your cosmetic dentist to polish surface stains off your veneers.

Even on natural teeth, free teeth whitening might not be effective. The contents of the bleaching gel determine if it will clean your teeth. Carbamide peroxide is the whitening agent in professional-strength bleaching gel. In order to get predictable results, teeth whitening should be supervised by a dentist.

Only ask a trained cosmetic dentist for help removing stains from your porcelain veneers. Don’t use your free teeth whitening on them.

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I quit smoking and my teeth are still dark. Where can I find free teeth whitening?

I quit smoking about 2 years ago. I smoked from age 13 to 39. I was hoping that with time my teeth would get whiter by now. Now that it’s been 2 years I am not so confident that it’s going to happen. I started using whitening toothpaste about 3 weeks after I quit. I really don’t see any improvement. Also for over a month last year I used whitening strengths. I got the most costly box I could find at Walmart because I really wanted it to work. I am not about to pay a dentist $500 to get my teeth white so I am going to keep working at it myself. How long will it take for my teeth to lighten, or is it really too late? Is there anywhere I can get free teeth whitening? – Henry

Henry – When you quit smoking, you prevent additional staining of your teeth from the nicotine, but quitting doesn’t reverse the stains and discoloration that smoking has already caused on your teeth.

Whitening toothpaste removes surface stains from your teeth. Stains from cigarette smoking are beneath the surface, and it takes strong bleaching gel to penetrate your teeth and break down the stains in them. Over-the-counter whitening strips just aren’t strong enough.

Many people search online for free teeth-whitening kits. Often shipping rates for the products are very expensive. Other consumers find that the bleaching gel had no effect on their teeth at all. In some cases, teeth or gums have been damaged by chemicals in the bleaching gel, which perhaps was not bleaching gel at all.

A cosmetic dentist can help. He or she will examine your teeth to determine which whitening treatment will work best on them. Either in-office or take-home treatment will get your teeth amazingly white. If necessary, most dentists will be able to work with your budget to make teeth whitening affordable for you. You may be able to find a dentist who offers free teeth-whitening treatment to patients who keep their regularly scheduled dental cleaning and exam appointments.

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Expiration date for free teeth whitening?

I have been looking for the best sources for free teeth whitening. I actually found a few websites to get it from but then when it was time to check out, I noticed that the shipping and handling was about $20 and up. So that’s not exactly free. I can probably get something for that price from Walmart. My sister lives in GA and I was talking to her about it last week. She said that she got her teeth whitened from her dentist and she has more free teeth whitening gel than she could ever use so she can send me some of that. I think that is a smart move. She can’t remember when she got the gel or if it goes bad after a while. Is there an expiration date for it? – Gabriele

Gabriele – A box of whitening gel should have an expiration date on it. But if you have tubes that are not in a box, depending on the brand, the date may not be on the tube. Typically, the gel lasts up to one year if it is not refrigerated, or up to two years if it is kept in the refrigerator. We don’t recommend that you use your sister’s extra bleaching gel in order to get your teeth whitened free.

A dentist dispenses whitening gel based on each patient’s case. The strength of gel and the brand can be varied according to each patient’s needs. Whitening gel that is right for one patient may be too weak—or too strong—for another patient.

Also, free teeth whitening supplies from a dentist are meant to be used with custom bleaching trays that help the gel penetrate your teeth while keeping it off of your gums. What type of trays will you use for teeth whitening? How will you ensure the professional-strength gel stays in contact with your teeth and doesn’t ooze out and burn your gums?

You will get better, more predictable results, from your dentist. Your teeth and gums will be examined first to determine if it is the best time to whiten them, or if there are other dental issues that need to be addressed first.

Your dentist will also provide you with custom trays and bleaching gel that is right for your circumstances. Some dentists provide free teeth whitening to patients who maintain regular dental cleaning appointment. Speak with your dentist about how he or she can make teeth whitening affordable for you.


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Are lemon juice and baking soda a safe way to whiten my teeth for free?

I have been looking for ways to whiten my teeth for free or cheap. I guess nothing is free but I found some DIY ways to get it done. I know that baking soda can whiten teeth but I found a few sites that said that fresh lemon juice can make the baking soda more effective. I have been trying it for a couple of weeks but my teeth only look a little whiter. It is very slight. I told a friend about what I was doing and she asked me if the acid from the lemons will eventually mess up my teeth. I just did some more research and I think she might be right, but the information conflicts what was recommended in the first place. Is adding the fresh lemon juice to the baking soda harmful? Agapi

Agapi – Acid erodes tooth enamel. Citrus fruits, including lemons, are acidic. Lemons are highly acidic, and if regularly applied to your teeth, will cause damage your tooth enamel and cause decay. Your teeth won’t have the whiteness and gloss that you want.

Citric acid is often contained in cleaning products, which gives you an idea of how powerful it is. It’s also in soda, which can erode your tooth enamel with contact and create excess stomach acid. Excess stomach acid can create acid reflux, which can further damage your teeth.

It is recommended that you thoroughly rinse your mouth after you eat or drink acidic foods, and drink plenty of water. And definitely stay away from the lemon juice on your teeth. Avoid brushing your teeth right after consuming acidic foods or drinks.

It’s good that you listened to your friend and did extra research on the effects of lemon juice on your teeth. Talk with your dentist about how to affordably and safely get your teeth whitened. Some dentists offer free whitening if you stay current with dental cleanings. It’s the best way to keep your teeth enamel and get a bright smile.

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Can I wear teeth whitening strips all night?

I got 6 boxes of free teeth whitening with an online purchase. It sounded exciting because I’ve always wanted to whiten my teeth, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth it to spend $30 to $40 dollars on strips. I started using the free ones 6 weeks ago. For the first 2 weeks, I started wearing them every night for 30 minutes just as the instructions said I should but I didn’t see any results. So I bumped up the time to an hour for and I am still not seeing anything different. I want to stretch out the time that I wear them and I am wondering if it’s okay to wear them for the whole night. Thx Kip

Kip – You should only wear the whitening strips for the instructed time. If you wear them overnight, unless they are made to stay secure, they will probably come off of your teeth. Even if you receive teeth bleaching gel from a dentist, it should only we kept in contact with your teeth for the amount of time instructed.

Keeping whitening strips or bleaching gel in contact with your teeth for too long can burn your gums or cause your teeth to become very sensitive. It is possible to over-whiten your teeth, which can cause discoloring.

If you have been using whitening strips for six weeks and have seen no results at all, they probably aren’t any good at all. Although whitening strips will brighten your teeth more slowly than whitening from the dentist, you should see some improvement.

It is not unusual for free teeth bleaching kits not to work at all, unless you receive free whitening from a dentist. If you want whitening strips that work, it’s best to buy some that contain carbamide peroxide. This is the whitening ingredient in professional gel, but the strips will contain less of it.

Have you asked your dentist about teeth whitening? Some dentists provide it to customers who keep their regularly scheduled appointments for cleanings and exams. If your dentist doesn’t provide it you may be surprised at how he or she can make it affordable for you.

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Switch dentists to get free teeth whitening for life?

I can get whitening trays and bleaching gel from my dentist for a little more than $300. This is something I have been trying to negotiate with or make payment plans on but the office doesn’t permit it anymore because they’ve been burned by too many people when they did offer payment plans or discounts.

After searching online I see several dentists in my town who offer free teeth whitening for life. Now that sounds like a good deal to me. I am wondering though, what’s the catch? Some of the dentists even mention that they will give you custom trays too. This has me considering switching dentists so I don’t have to spend $300 on something that could be free. Is it worth the switch? Carlene

Carlene – Before you switch dentists, think about the reasons that you like your dentist, the office, the staff, and whether or not you can get those same things from another dental office. Consider where the office is located. Is convenience going to be an issue? Make a list of the pros and cons of making a switch.

If you still want to explore your options, choose two or three dentists who offer free teeth whitening. Find out what the whitening kit  includes. Is it just the bleaching gel, or are custom trays included? If the bleaching trays are lost or damaged, is there a fee to replace them? What kind of bleaching gel will you receive, and how effective is it? How long are you required to be a patient before you receive this benefit?

If you are still interested in free whitening from a particular dentist, schedule a consultation to see the office, and meet the dentist and his or her staff. Some dentists who offer this complimentary service have exclusions. For instance, in some cases, Medicare or Medicaid patients are not eligible for the free service.

Get the information you need to make an informed decision before you switch.

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Free teeth whitening kit is burning my gums

I got a free teeth whitening kit with some other stuff that I ordered online. I have used it for 3 nights in a row and now my gums are really starting to burn bad. What should I do to keep the gel from burning my gums? – Ramona

Ramona – We recommend that you stop using the free whitening kit immediately. If the burning persists over the next day or two, see a dentist.

Sometimes, free teeth whitening kits don’t whiten teeth at all. They may contain other chemicals that are harmful to your teeth and gums. Although they are not free, you will likely get better and safer results from over-the-counter whitening strips than with a free whitening kit.

The only free teeth whitening kit that you can really trust is one from your dentist. And there are dentists who offer free bleaching gel and trays to patients who remain current with their dental cleaning and exams. Either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are safe ingredients for teeth bleaching gel.  And these should not be used excessively. Custom bleaching trays should be used to prevent the gel from burning your gums and mouth.

If you receive custom trays and whitening gel from a dentist and your gums are still burning, you can use less gel in  the trays, or wear them for a shorter period. If the problem persists, contact your dentist.

It is also recommended that teeth whitening be done under a dentist’s supervision. A dentist will let you know if the bleaching gel will help or harm your teeth, as well as the results you can expect.

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Legitimate free teeth whitening offers

Hi. I am looking for legitimate free teeth whitening offers. I have seen enough of scams that have outrageous shipping fees or places that you go to for whitening and they are really trying to sell you something else. How can I find legitimate free teeth whitening offer? Thanks. Tricia

Tricia – Free teeth whitening that is available from a dentist’s office is one of your options. The whitening may be offered as an incentive to acquire new patients.

Ask what type of free whitening is being offered—whitening strips, in-office treatment, or take-home kits. If  take-home whitening is offered, you can ask if customized trays will be included in the offer. Inquire about the bleaching gel—what type is it, and what is the strength of the gel? Take-home whitening from a dentist will usually get your smile much whiter in about two weeks.

You may also ask if the service is available to current patients, and if so, how much it costs. There may be requirements for you to receive the free teeth whitening, such as a dental exam or cleaning. Be prepared for that also.

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Can teenagers get teeth whitening?

Some kids at school get their teeth whitened. It is becoming really popular especially with the cheerleaders. I want to get my teeth whitened but I am in middle school and my mom says I need to wait. Is there anything wrong with teenagers getting teeth whitening? – Ciera

Ciera – Teeth whitening is not recommended for teenagers under 16 years of age. Even when you are 16 years old, you need to have your teeth examined by a dentist to determine if teeth whitening will help or hurt your teeth.

When you are under 16 years old, the nerve in each tooth is larger than an adult’s tooth nerve. Whitening your teeth can irritate the tooth nerve and make it sensitive. You can feel a sharp tingling sensation in your teeth or pain in your teeth if you whiten them too soon in your teenage years.

It is best to wait to have your teeth whitened, and then only by a dentist who can monitor the progress and make any needed adjustments to the treatment.

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