Do you really have to wear Invisalign while you are asleep?

I want Invisalign and I am trying to find out as much about them as possible. I know you have to wear them all day, but do I really have to wear them while I am asleep? I really don’t like sleeping with anything in my mouth. Madison

Madison – Yes, Invisalign is worn while you are asleep. The aligners are removed when you eat and when you brush and floss your teeth.

Invisalign should be worn about 22 hours a day, if you remove them at night while you sleep, your teeth will slowly begin to shift back to their original position. Removing the Invisalign at night is an interruption of your treatment.

It may be helpful to think of Invisalign as invisible braces. Braces are not removed from your teeth while you sleep. Although you have the convenience of removing Invisalign when necessary, they otherwise need to stay in place to ensure that your treatment is successful.

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