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My teeth are sensitive after I got a filling.

Two of my teeth have silver fillings in them. I got the fillings last Tuesday. It’s hard to eat anything hot or cold because of the zinging feeling I get in my teeth when heat or cold comes in contact with them. Is this normal? Liz

Liz – Sensitivity with silver, or amalgam, fillings is normal.  Amalgam fillings contain mercury and other metals. The metals conduct heat and cold more readily than white composite fillings, so your teeth are sensitive to them.

The sensitivity should gradually decrease within two weeks. If it doesn’t decrease, or if it increases, call your dentist.

Some patients prefer mercury-free filings, which many dentists provide. Composite fillings don’t conduct heat and cold. They also strengthen teeth and blend in naturally with them.

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My dentist put a silver filling back in my tooth but I wanted white

I went to the dentist for a filling. I wanted an old silver filling removed and replaced with a white filling. When I got home, I saw they put a silver filling back in my tooth. I don’t know why I didn’t look in a mirror before I left or ask to look in their mirror. This is a side tooth and it shows the dark filling when I smile. It looks like a cavity. That’s why I asked to have it replaced. Now I have to go back and have it drilled out so it can be replaced with a white filling. What should I do to make sure the dentist gets it right this time? – Morena

Morena – You should definitely tell your dentist about your concern. Consider asking your dentist if he or she uses white composite fillings at all. It could be that your dentist doesn’t use them, or prefers amalgam fillings. You might also ask if filling your tooth with amalgam was intentional.

Depending on the answer you receive, you may need to find a dentist who doesn’t use amalgam fillings. Dentist’s websites often advertise white fillings, tooth-colored fillings, composite fillings, or mercury-free fillings. A cosmetic dentist will ensure that you receive a natural-looking filling that blends in with your tooth.

This post is sponsored by Plano dentist Dr. Miranda Lacy.