Ripped off by mobile dentist

I saw an ad for a mobile dentist. It looked legit so I scheduled an appointment. There are certain spots that the mobile van is supposed to be on certain days so I went. I figured this was good and convenient for me and I don’t like sitting around in dentists office any way. So the setup wasn’t really as good as a dental office but I figured it’s a van so I shouldn’t expect the same thing. Any way the guy started cleaning my teeth and cut my gums twice.I should have left but I didn’t. Then after my teeth were cleaned and polished he told me that I needed four fillings and to schedule another appointment but he needed 20% down. I didn’t give cash but I put the 20% on my credit card. I know dumb me. Any way I just saw on the news that the guy is a scam and I have to get my credit card company to see if I can get my money back. If they can find him. Just wanted to let people out there to know to beware. D.C.

D.C. – Thank you for sharing your experience. There is a lesson for all to learn. The legitimacy of a business—particularly mobile healthcare—needs to be verified in advance.

You are like many people who don’t like going to the dentist. But not all dentists are alike. Many dentists have created an office environment and a dental experience with patients like you in mind. The next time you need an appointment, look for websites that feature gentle dentistry. Take time to look at patient reviews to find out what you can expect from the dentist and his or her team.

We are certain that you can find a positive dental experience if you take a little time to find the best dentist for you.

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