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Expiration date for free teeth whitening?

I have been looking for the best sources for free teeth whitening. I actually found a few websites to get it from but then when it was time to check out, I noticed that the shipping and handling was about $20 and up. So that’s not exactly free. I can probably get something for that price from Walmart. My sister lives in GA and I was talking to her about it last week. She said that she got her teeth whitened from her dentist and she has more free teeth whitening gel than she could ever use so she can send me some of that. I think that is a smart move. She can’t remember when she got the gel or if it goes bad after a while. Is there an expiration date for it? – Gabriele

Gabriele – A box of whitening gel should have an expiration date on it. But if you have tubes that are not in a box, depending on the brand, the date may not be on the tube. Typically, the gel lasts up to one year if it is not refrigerated, or up to two years if it is kept in the refrigerator. We don’t recommend that you use your sister’s extra bleaching gel in order to get your teeth whitened free.

A dentist dispenses whitening gel based on each patient’s case. The strength of gel and the brand can be varied according to each patient’s needs. Whitening gel that is right for one patient may be too weak—or too strong—for another patient.

Also, free teeth whitening supplies from a dentist are meant to be used with custom bleaching trays that help the gel penetrate your teeth while keeping it off of your gums. What type of trays will you use for teeth whitening? How will you ensure the professional-strength gel stays in contact with your teeth and doesn’t ooze out and burn your gums?

You will get better, more predictable results, from your dentist. Your teeth and gums will be examined first to determine if it is the best time to whiten them, or if there are other dental issues that need to be addressed first.

Your dentist will also provide you with custom trays and bleaching gel that is right for your circumstances. Some dentists provide free teeth whitening to patients who maintain regular dental cleaning appointment. Speak with your dentist about how he or she can make teeth whitening affordable for you.


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